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  1. I don't think your config would matter... but, what files did you edit? If you needed to unbundle the game, change physics, or gameplay I would say it would mess with punkbuster(or whatever they are using)... if not then you may be able to keep your tweaks I tweaked the rendersettings.xml to have certain texture set to low/medium/high, and to have the majority of the workload sent to my RAM instead of my GPU. I have a AMD 4200 and it picks up the slack of my GFX card. Same tweaks allow me to run Oblivion on full high siettings.
  2. Ok, one thing you have to consider is that you can only run one "mod" at a time with the launcher, so basicly you have to combine the files of every mod you want to use into one. Easy enough if all the mods use different files, a bit tougher if you want to combine mods that mod the same file. Personaly, I have two mod "sets", my SP mod set, and my MP mod set. In your LOCAL> folder, create a folder for each mod set you want. All the mods you put into that folder will run when you activate that set. So, if you currently have all your mods in your ENGLISH folder, drag them all into a new folder called SP MODS or whatever. Put the launcher file in there. Put all your MP mods in another folder and add its own launcher file. Make shure you edit the launcher file to the correct names.
  3. For me the sniper scope bounces around everywhere, and the Eotech sight is zeroed at the bottom of the sight.
  4. Even if its just performance tweaks? I run an 128 AGP card and I can't play graw for nothing without my tweaks.
  5. I tried adding texture to my camo like that, and I personaly thought that it actually detracted form its apperance, unless the textures resolution was set to high.
  6. Look familiar? doesn't seem all that yellow to me. In fact, with a quick google image search of mexico city, none of the pictures look like that, withthe exception of one (specificaly about air polution).
  7. Step 1: Download my handy uniform templates HERE. Step 2: Create your own camo. Step 2.1: First create a new document 300 X 300. Step 2.2: Fill the base layer with whatever base color you wish your camo to be. Step 2.3: Create a new layer. Step 2.4: On this new layer, go to Filters>Render>Difference Clouds (make shure your colors are set to black and white). Keep doing this untill you get a pattern that looks vaugely camo-ish. Step 2.5: Go to Image>Adjustment>Brightnes/Contrast. Throw the contrast to full. You should see a patern of black and white splotches. Step 2.6: Select which ever color makes the niftier pattern using the magic wand tool. Step 2.7: Fill that selection withthe second color of your camo. Step 2.8: Go to Select>Inverse. Hit delete. Step 3: Repeat Step 2 untill allyour colors are in your camo. Don't worry if it doesn't look perfect. Optionaly, play around with the blending modes on your different layers to try new effects. Step 4: Go to Layers>Flatten Image. Step 5: Go to Filters>Pattern maker. Set Hight and Width to 300, Smoothness to 3, and Sample Detail to 10. Generate untill you see a patern you like. Hit OK. Step 6: Go to Edit>Define Pattern and save your new camo. Step 7: Load up the uniform templates and use the pattern stamp tool to paint you new camo onto the color layer. Step 8: Paint in all the other details. Step 9: Add in any patches above the wrinkles layer. Step 10: Flatten your skin. Step 11: Save as .DDS. Save with DX5, and use existing mipmaps. Voila, you have a new skin.
  8. Open up the post_effects.xml and under each level, up the <sepia_opacity value="X.XXX"/> by 50%.
  9. What code did you change to use the mexican uniforms?
  10. What do you want to know? How to create new camo textures? How to recolor old textures? Getting rid of the plastic effect? if oyu can be a bit more specific I'll be more than happy to spill the beans.
  11. After you decomplile the quickbundle file, you can find the original textures in the Data>textures>Atlas_Characters folder. You will ned them to remove the plastic look from the uniforms.
  12. Just drop the strings folder from the RAR into your local>[Language or Mod] folder.
  13. The yellow is turned down exactly 50%.
  14. Is everything installed in the local folder properly? Is your quickbundle file renamed? As long as your quickbundle file is properly named and in the right place, and the posteffects file is deleted, you shouldn't have a problem. *Just to clarify, your quickbundle should have its orginal name, and be unmodified*
  15. The posteffects.XML file in the settings folder. Take that out and your good.
  16. Not nescasarily. Could check the file size of the the texture files to stop people who change the uniforms to bright pink or other high contrast color.
  17. The clear hud mod should have created a local\english folder for you. Drop all the files in there.
  18. Because its not just littered on the streets its littered everywhere within 10 feet of you. (and no one else) The fact that it magicly appears before your eyes as well doesn't help the fact.
  19. HERE get rid of the yellow, without loosing any of the other nifty post effects.
  20. Your preaching to the choir tilli! I just wish I could use my semi-auto fix mod online.
  21. Actualy, what the article says is that it was designed for military and police, not that it is used by bolth.
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