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  1. Agent Smith, all your points are valid, our opinions do not trump yours, nor does your trump ours. You descibe what sounds like a great game even. But there is one major flaw with your argument. Why destroy an prefectly good, allready established franchise, when you could just amke the game with all the features you describe and simply call it something different? I'm shure a lot of people here would be FAR more happy with GR:AW if it didn't carry the GR tag (I know I would). Just because you want something different doesn't mean you should destroy what other people love. As for games should not be simulations... There is this entire genre of games... entilted "simulations". I hear its quite popular, especially amongst the PC crowd. Apparently you can simulate everything from flying jets to subs... even infantry combat. I don't know about anyone else, but a simulation of a recon based, special forces infantry platoon sounds like a load of fun to me!
  2. Im just saying that in the end, it wont play excactly like gr1(unless someone mods it ofcourse) it will be diffrent. better to some.worse to some(mainly the old hardcore gr1 players I think), its called change and sometimes we just have to accept it. the Casual gamer that actually IS the largest buyers group, doesnt care one iota if it plays like gr1 or not. they play the sp game and put it on the shelf with the rest of their games. Thats how most people play games. Whatever changes we do to the game to please you guys to make it closer to the gr1 experience we do pretty much do against the will of Ubi or atleast have to take a huge battle with them to get through and into the game.(I cant name any specific features..as I dont know how much im allowed to say, legally) but I think you would be VERY suprised how the game would have been if Ubi had gotten their will through on all points...we (bo especially ofcourse) has fought many tough battles to take it away from a clean console port and closer to what you consider "gr". Obviously it hasnt been taken all the way but you would whine and moan ALOT more if Grin hadnt been so persistent on certain points... and we do it for YOU. the people here in this relativley small(on comparison to the amount of people buying the game in total) community. I think you guys made an excellent game, and came out way ahead of te bell curve considering what you guys have to deal with. I really enjoy playing GR:AW, and modding it. But I geuss the point I was trying to make, is that GR:AW will always be compared to GR1, because its a GR game. Fair or unfair as that might be, thats life and the nature of a sequel. Any liscensed movie such as X-Men or Bloodrayne will always be compared to the souce material, iregardless of how good (or bad) the actual product is. Its not the consumers fault to expect a sequel to be true to the original any more than its GRINS fault that the game differs from the original.
  3. Thoose extra channels are saved selctions of uniform peices. Go to load selction and browse through to find the peice you wish to edit. Makes things a lot easier.
  4. Then I'm afriad you two are in the wrong game line. Ghost Recon is about tactical movement. There all plenty of hollywood based military shooters out there that will satisfy your run and gun desires. No need to destroy this game with it.
  5. Now I like GR:AW and all, and certainly don't advocate people abandoning it, but trying to keep up this line of argument is just shooting yourself in the foot. When one buys a sequel, one expects in good faith for it to be a an improved continuation of the original title. Thats why you call it a sequel. Thats why it carrries the title of its prediscessor. If CIV 5 was a warcraft clone, would you accept the argument that "people wanted a NEW game, they have already played CIV 1-4! If they wanted to play CIV, they can play the earlier games."? Lucas tried the EXACT same thing with the Star Wars prequels. They were too different from the original. People were told if they wanted the old star wars just go back and watch the original, and they did. The fact that GR:AW has deviated to far from its roots is a perfectly valid complaint. I don't particularly care why, or whose fault it was either. But you should own up to it, and stop with this BS straw man argument. Its getting old hat. In all due respect to the GRIN team...
  6. The original order is correct. THe uniform layer is a grayscale image, so the color layer will sit over it using the grayscales tones. As for the alpha channel, use the levels adjustment to make it blacker (less shiny), or whiter (shinier).
  7. It's been out for a while. Clicky Not even in the same leagee as GR1. So far out of GR1 league in fact, if GR1's leauge exploded, AA's league wouldn't hear it for 3 days.
  8. When you issue an order via crosscom, you hear an electronic tone as confermation, perhaps you could edit the xmls to point to different .wav files?
  9. THink of it from the other point of view. You successfully snuck up and got the drop on your prey. You unleash a deadly 3 round bust, center of mass, your target still unaware of your presence. He turns around and shoots you dead. Is ThAT how you want the game to be?
  10. http://www.tweakguides.com/GRAW_1.html Check page 7.
  11. Hmmm... I don't hear the hit effect either, but I only have a 2.1 setup.
  12. WOOT! Just noticed this! One less MOD I have to wrry about! Thanks GRIN.
  13. I know absolutely nothing about coding other than what i've done bumbling around the .xml files, but what you siujest makes perfect sense to me! Comments form the GRIN squad?
  14. I've seent hem use the launcher, though it is quite rare. And I believe mitchele is the only person in mexico to own frag grenades.
  15. With the proposed bundle solution you would only be allowed one mod bundle file, and a selection system of which one of your mods you want to activate. Any files you wish to have outside a bundle, to tweak or play with until you can make sure it's ready for inclusion with your bundle(or you request its inclusion to the mod author), would still go to the local/ folder. Perhaps a system where a server admin could say "these mods are server approved", so one could play on the server with or without the "community mod" and it wouldn't block you even if you didn't have it(since it's quite harmless)? The server would require a copy of it so we could verify that the players who do have it have the proper one and not just a renamed one, and if you don't have it at all it'll just acknowledge the fact and approve you anyway. Open for suggestions here. Perhaps I didn't make myslef clear. I'm not conserned withhte MP ramifications, so to speak (I'm a SP type of guy), but am more concerned about runnign multiple mods of the same file. Say I download 3 mods I want to run, mods A, B, and C. Mod A adjust the recoil on the SCAR, mod B adjust the rate of fire of the SCAR, and mod C changes the clip size of the SCAR. All 3 of theese mods use the same XML file (u_scar_light.xml). Now, as far as I know, to actually run them all at once, since they use the same file, you would have to manually go into the XML and edit the original file to contain all the changes of the previous 3 (as you can only run 1 copy of the file). A very noob unfriendly task at best. A system where we can run all 3 mods, A, B, and C together without having to manually combine them would be ideal, not just for SP, but for MP as well.
  16. How is the new hit impact? Is it noticable? How disabling is it?
  17. One problem I forsee withthe bundle option, is one of the same problems were encountering now with the XML files. When two mods mod the same XML file (such as the post_effects.xml, which is used differently by a number of mods), even in non-conflicting ways, its impossible to run bolth mods without re-editing the code of the file in question to contain bolth mods. This is very noob unfriendly (not that freindly for non-noobs either unless you know what code was changed exactly). A way to sort this out would be huge blessing to the mod community!
  18. Any plans concerning the new patches AI tweaks? Are you goona wait on a further version till after you see what grin has tweaked?
  19. Wait, the same freaking DATES? So since I at one point modified my quickbundle file, I'm going to have to reinstall becuase the date has now changed? Only 100% untouched fresh installs will work?
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