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  1. So how exactly does squad controll work? Is it Tac Map based like GR1, or Point-N-Click like 2? I'm getting a little confused on how the teams are actually supposed to work, we can only controll Mitchelle, but can order AI teams elsewhere?
  2. Ghost Recon has always taken place in the future... Whos to say women won't be int he infantry by 2013? If we can have magick glowey outlines we can have a female avatar playable.
  3. Ghost Recon 3 is listed as one of the new games to use the new dedicated physics prossesors. Intresting, even if it doesn't quite alieve gameplay fears. AGEIA PPU
  4. Any good Delta Force mods? Any way to change JUST skins, and not kit loadouts?
  5. So what are the best Recon mods out there? Is there any place I can still ifnd them?
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