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  1. Hmm... I get no flashes, from anyones guns, including my own. Perhaps a driver issue. I'm running a 8800 GTX, and the drivers are the suck. Every game there is at least one issue...
  2. Hmm.. Just using my mobo's sound... Maybe I'll actually pick up a sound card. Are there any recommended that aren't ridiculously expensive like the X-Fi? ? First thing to do is to find some cover thumbsup.gif I checked on tracers, and they are enabled. I see no effects from gunfire at all, no flash, smoke, etc. Should I? I heard there were some problems when using 8800 GFX cards.
  3. So, the major frustration I'm having in ArmA, is trying to locate the source of incoming fire. Being that there are no tracers, no muzzle flashes, and sounds, bullets or engines, sound like they are either 10 miles away, or right next to your face, even through Surround Sound headphones. SOP is pretty much hit the ground any time I hear OPFOR gunfire and pray I'm on the right side of the cover. How are you supposed to locate an enemy thats firing at you?
  4. Weren't half of those features also promoted in GRAW 1?
  5. The game already HAS health regeneration, just need to reload your saves. You can't even attempt to finish the mission by the edge of your seat because the damn game keeps giving you health back...
  6. OK, fixed it for ya. This is how it should look: Download here
  7. I'll take a look at it... Well for one, you've deleted all the LOD's. The smaller groups are there for a reason, they are the textures for the lower LODs. Let me se if I can fix this for you...
  8. Just copy the original alpha chanel from the unmodified texture and it will get rid of the plastic look.
  9. Moot, as in you are going to give us a utility to design new 3d objects without the ridiculously expensive 3dsmax??? That would be mootness! Wings 3D, a utility to design new 3d objects without the ridiculously expensive 3dsmax.
  10. A fully updated [GR]? Sign me the F up!
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