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  1. Looks like they crammed a lot of tech into a small box there mate, have you managed to have a play with it yet?
  2. Its obvious mate, if you go on the 50meg package you hit STM faster freeing up more bandwidth for your oversubscribed ubr, its the only way to get too many people in one area down one pipe. 50meg at the moment isnt what anybody wants, its upload speed i'd say most people would prefer. There was some comments on the cableforums that if they keep the upload/download ratio they are talking about for 50meg you wouldnt be able to send enough request packets out to keep the download at 50meg, pants eh?
  3. Aldi are doing a 500Gig drive for 1p under 50 quid http://www.aldi.co.uk/uk/html/offers/58_7350.htm
  4. I went with a seagate freeagent, I like their hard drives and they come with a 5 year warranty which cant be bad, I didnt really worry about cooling too much as its a case of turn on, copy stuff over, turn off. I never leave it turned on and 99% of the time its packed in its box.
  5. Hey dont add to the problems, i've only got so many fingers you know
  6. /cheer Its so nice to know that when you press that button that its going to power on and not sit there like a lump of lard refusing to do what its supposed to do, fingers will be suitably crossed for you for the next week mate
  7. have a feel round the back where the power cable goes into the psu, should be an on/off button there too, that will get hot, really hot if the fan isnt working.
  8. My psu was dead/dying and the motherboard light came on everytime I turned the power on at the socket without fail, but it took a huge number of on button presses for it to fire up and it kept overheating and switching off (fan busted) so it could still be dying, you'll soon find out when you put the new psu on and see how that fares.
  9. Bloody hell 15 dollars is a bit of a bargain, defintely beats swapping it out and assuming its broken.
  10. Personally i'd use the cables that come with the new one, i'm not even sure the old ones would fit. As for what killed the old one, who knows?
  11. The corsair psu's come with a 5 year warranty and that one HX620 comes with 2x 6pin(+2) pcie cables, apparently the +2 is for in the 9800 cards which need an 8pin power supply for the pcie, I copied this bit from some site So if you wanted to upgrade the graphics card down the line you should be futureproofed, corsair do some higher rated power supplies too, right up to a 1000W one. There are plenty of others about but i'd only recommend something that i'm happy with and with a 5 year warranty i'm smiling
  12. they are 6 pin, but they come with another 2 pin bit that isnt attached to the main block, not sure what the 8 pin is for to be honest
  13. There you go mate, if you whizz down the page you'll see all the cables and connectors you get, my mates running this with an 8800gtx and quad core intel chips, lots of other bits in too and he hasnt had a problem yet http://www.corsair.com/products/hx.aspx
  14. This is what I went with mate, probably too good for what i've got http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct....(CMPSU-620HXUK) lots of cables and modular
  15. I'd stick the spare 300 in and give it a try, if you're not taxing the video card it "shouldnt" draw too much juice, give it a try with just basic windows stuff, turning on and off, checking mail and that sort of thing. It sounds like the psu is dying mate, you wouldnt have another power lead to try in there though would you, just in case.
  16. I've recently replace a psu, the fan died in it and it kept switching off, it would take multiple presses of the on button to turn on too, this is even though the motherboard led was on and power was getting to the motherboard, best thing I can suggest is borrow a psu if you can or try yours in another pc, I connected up a cheap one to my pc and it fired up straight away so I knew there and then the psu was on its last legs. Happy hunting mate
  17. Thats why you're in the cart behind them, so you can filter it
  18. So lets all ditch our cars and tell em where they can stick their fuel, go back to horse and cart, give it a few months and see how much horse shoe tax goes up. And while I'm having a moan there was an advert on the telly today for some electric/gas company saying how much they wanted to save the world and how they would give you a free check to see how much you could save by making your home more efficient, i've got a good idea, when you sign up with them they could give you solar panels for your house so you'd cut down on how much you needed to buy and any surplus goes back into the grid. That way you'd be making fuel for them and reducing the load on the power stations thereby saving the planet. I am available for the world presidents job
  19. Cars are just another way of screwing cash out of you, they let you have cars then you can commute to a job that you wouldnt ordinarily have taken because of how far away it is, you can drive to the shopping centre thats way out of town because the rent is cheaper, you can put your kids in a school thats a good distance away and take them yourself because the school is good. Then they hit you, fuel duty goes up, road tax goes up and you cant give up your job even though its costing a fortune to get there and back, you cant go to the local shops because they closed down when everybody started going to the out of town supermarket and because you sent your kids to the "good" school all the local schools standards have slipped. /rant and cynical mode off, honest
  20. I'm pretty sure its not anywhere on the site and it was sitting on my hard drive so I put it up on filefront Take your time, as I remember there are sneaky snipers all over the bloody place http://files.filefront.com/LP+CooPzip/;118...;/fileinfo.html
  21. Just bought a 620w corsair power supply mate and the plug that came with it has a 13amp fuse in.
  22. Viewdistance and fog settings make a big difference in this mate, more ram would help a lot too, take the viewdistance down to 500 and work your way up from there, if its any consolation it knocks the crap out of my system too, AMD 3800 dual core, 2 gig ram and a 7800GTX 512, both graphics cards are getting on a bit now.
  23. Just a wild shot here but try updating DirectX and your Video and audio drivers. you can do dx here http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en
  24. Is there any reason why you're not patching to 1.4?
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