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  1. Its not that they dont have the cashiers mate, they've got plenty, but if they can pay 2 cashiers to oversee 8 selfservice tills its just a case of penny pinching taken to the extreme, 2 billion quid profit last year and they expect me to serve myself? Its just another corporation who couldnt give a monkeys about the customer, its all about the cash.
  2. /Rant mode on Popped in to the local Tesco last night, most other shops were shut and I needed a few things so I picked up my basket and filled it up, few nice things to snack on as well then proceeded to the checkout where there were around 20 people with baskets and trolleys all milling around because Tesco played a trump card, no checkout staff! Instead there were 2 staff explaining to people how to work the 8 self service tills, a saving of 6 staff, they've been in for a few weeks now but I refuse to use them as doing so will lose jobs for somebody. You could see that nobody wanted to use the damn things and there was one bloke there in a neck brace who'd just done his weeks shopping and he was looking a bit panicked. There must have been about 5 managers I'd seen as I was walking round the shop and they were having a lovely time chatting and generally doing nothing, I was that fed up with it I dumped the basket on the floor and left, If I wanted to work a checkout I'd get a job in a shop, it looks like Tesco wants to go completely automated and have nobody working there, well heres one mug that wont be shopping there again, they've had my last penny!! Aghghghghhghg /Rant mode off
  3. I'm in the midlands too mate and I didnt see any, I'll have to set my alarm clock (2 years old son) to get me up a bit earlier.
  4. Lords of Midnight, thats a really old un, I dread to think how much time I wasted raising armies for the moonprince, if you really want to revisit it there are piles of speccy emulators kicking around, you could even play some Manic Miner or Jet Pac. Ant Attack anyone?
  5. After working in engineering a long time I always wash my hands before and after going to the loo, I really wouldnt want any kind of dermatitis in my nether regions. As for the old serving tongs thing, I really wouldnt have given it a thought if you hadnt mentioned it, cheers mate and I'll keep an eye on the dirty devils next time I go out.
  6. Which leads to Tie Fighter, wouldnt that look ace with all the nice new shiny bits on it.
  7. It wouldnt be the file indexer scanning all the files would it?
  8. My son loves James Pond Robocod on the DS, I spent a good few hours playing that too.
  9. Nice to see i'm not the only one with fond amiga memories around here, looks like alien breed is coming back too http://www.developmag.com/news/30754/Team1...Breed-next-year
  10. Hmmm, off the top of my head... Syndicate Tribes Deuteros
  11. Quick flick through my SAS survival handbook confirms what Natsanwa said, that they are Amanita Muscarium, Fly agaric. What a book, never leave home without it.
  12. Well i've only seen 1 tv advert by Ubi so far, on the kids tv channel, and it was for Battle of Giants Dinosaurs, no bugs to report...
  13. I watched a video tutorial by Bert Monroy a few weeks back and as usual cant find the bloody thing, it was all about how to reduce noise but keep the image sharp, I'm flying by memory now so bear with me, all the noise data is in the blue channel so by applying a slight blur/unsharp mask to the blue channel you get rid of the noise but keep the image clarity. I'm pretty sure it was just the blue channel he adjusted but he made it look so easy and it sounded so simple. If I can find the link i'll post it, it might help you out a bit. and one quick google later... http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=c7fOjrpUgPY
  14. The VATS combat system works great, a crit from stealth results in heads flying, you get a dog and you get your ###### smacked when you start the game, whats not to like? http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=vHr3Y8ZIhGM
  15. Mate of mine cracked a rib sneezing and he was only in his 20's, so its official, colds are really bad for you.
  16. I use gmail now mate, but i put it all through windows mail. Havent tried adding other accounts to it though.
  17. Wonder if you set your browsers to go through a UK proxy server you'd be able to see it, I know that some of the nbc stuff is US only and to watch that you'd have to go through a US server if you were UK based.
  18. If its any consolation turning my sons robot into a plane and back took about an hour and 25 quid in the swear box, you're not alone mate.
  19. Get up a dos box by typing cmd in the run box or your favourite way then its something like this, you'll have to change it for your drive folders copy d:/zip files/zip.zip c:/recovered Its been a while for me too so if I've ballsed it up somebody will soon tell me
  20. Have you got another computer/drive you could try putting the cd into? Failing that I suppose you could try copying it with dos commands
  21. Very nice, the upgrade from 1 to 2 gig was noticeable, I didnt think that there would be much difference from 2 to 4 but you live and learn eh? Another item to add to the upgrade list
  22. The big question is, can you tell the difference?
  23. Its been a fast 5 years mate, its nice to know that most of us are still in touch too. Cheers folks.
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