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  1. You can do that easily mate, just add whatever units you want and set them as playable, if you were feeling particularly nasty you could even allow a spot on the red side for a sniper to hunt you down while you're playing your coop mission. If you want to play as the Aussies this might interest you http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?cat=news&id=379
  2. Honestly, who throws a shoe?
  3. Wonder how long it'll be before starforce start mentioning where to get a pirate copy of it? Will we see another galciv foot/mouth incident again?
  4. Hmmm, if a game came out that was good though, and did have mod tools, surely it would cater to more than just the customer base it was intended for. Games such as BF1942, which was a really nice game and interested hundreds of modders, I'd even go out on a limb and guess that the desert combat mod made EA a pile of cash just by the number of gamers who bought 1942 just to play DC. Obviously you'd need sales figures to confirm it but I'd be willing to bet that BF2 sales are still going a few years on and its the mod community that is keeping that going.
  5. If you need any help with scripting I can recommend gettting in touch with BarmyArmy over at http://arma-tow.com/ he's one of the main scripter guys over there and he's a very very nice man. Bloody good programmer too.
  6. Not sure if you've misunderstood me there mate, when I say random, what I mean is that when you put the unit on the map, one of the things that you can specify is the percentage chance of the unit appearing, so to make the mission a bit harder you could have a 50% chance of an attack chopper patrolling the area. Probablility of presence its called lots more info in this bit if you dont have the game http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA:_M..._User_Interface
  7. One of the things I really liked about making missions in flashpoint was the random factor when adding mobs, you could put a tank/chopper/squad in with a random chance of it appearing which could change the way you handled the mission. A tank appearing when you have no AT makes a real mess of the best laid plans. Having talented guys who make scripts for you really helps too, the urban patrol script takes all the hassle out of adding waypoints for enemy patrols http://kronzky.info/
  8. What kind of insane resolution is that? Make some proper ones in all the popular sizes you lazy muppet! I still think thats a nice shot mate
  9. That would work if all grains were exactly the same size, and dont those questions get hard quick?
  10. It does look pretty good doesnt it, I'd hate to think how much detail is in the full sized image.
  11. Nice little tool on this page that lets you change the zoom on the lens mate, might give you an idea of what sort of zoom you're after http://www.tamron.com/lenses/learning_cent...-comparison.php
  12. Just had a whizz on and donated a bit, buy my question is who counts the rice?
  13. You never know WK, maybe they've seen the error of their ways?
  14. Well if she assaulted you that would be a case for instant dismissal, you should have reported it to your manager and she should have been sacked on the spot. Your employer has a duty of care to its employees and allowing you to be assaulted and carrying on to employ the person who assaulted you is wrong.
  15. Mmm while a standard for mod tools would be nice I cant see all the dev teams getting together to sort that little headache out, as long as its useable out of the box i'd be happy.
  16. The nice thing about using mod tools and mods in general is that theres a really good chance that somebody who might not have bought the game will see it being played with a mod running, whether it be a map, mission or weapons mod and think "wow, that's not what I expected of it, I'll have me some of that" Ker-Ching, one more sale and put another few dollars in the cash register. Everybody here knows what talent is on the boards so give em a chance eh?
  17. That would mean you'd have to start getting out of bed at a normal time and getting a job good luck on that you night owl
  18. =SeALZ=, first team ever, and some truly great folks in it too.
  19. More news, the SDK should be out by Christmas so the mods will be flying thick and fast and Bethesda have said that new downloadable content will be coming soon as well.
  20. You can get it in store I think at this price but its definitely being advertised online for £7.91 with free delivery, absolute bargain http://www.asda-entertainment.co.uk/asda/10015979.product Battlefield 2 Battlefield 2: Special Forces Expansion Pack Battlefield 2: Euro Force Booster Pack Battlefield 2: Armored Fury Booster Pack
  21. Well for that to happen somebody would have had to make a decision, and to do that they would have had to take responsibility and I dont think anybody is willing to do that these days.
  22. Aldi and Lidl are in walking distance and their real ale "Hobgoblin" and other brews were only a quid a bottle, some of the german lagers are really nice too, none of the chemically made crap either. Hell, you know you're old when you start discussing shopping on a games site, lord help me.
  23. What you don't see under that first shot is the his puppet
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