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  1. Me too mate, it all worked and I didnt change a thing. I'm probably more confused than ever now but at least it works and when it does work its bloody good fun, thanks to Sart and Ranger for breaking me in gently to the art of sitting in a tent, looking enigmatic against a skyline and turning my head like I'm in the exorcist.
  2. All seems to be working now, come on, own up what did you do?
  3. tried ofpwatch too mate and no joy there either, it shows the server but because it isnt an ofpwatch server it doesnt show what mods/addons are running on it. What makes me think it isnt us is that we can both join other servers no problem and if we try to join a server where we dont have the mods the server tells us.
  4. There isnt a folder in there called @gr.net is there? I'm looking at the servers and if theres a mod running, FDF, SOC, WGL its listed in the mods so it looks like the pave server is running one called @gr.net which could be putting a proverbial spanner in the works.
  5. I'm using sockets too and nowt, I'm looking at the servers on ASE and under mods they all say RES and I can join all of them, Paves server says RES;@GR.NET, I'm clutching at straws here but I'm at a loss to explain why I get no error message, it just moves me back into the server selection screen.
  6. I'm glad its not just me thats getting the same problem, I thought it might be down to my noobness but thank god it isnt. Firewall all seems present and correct, I can join other servers no problem and if I try to join a server with a mod I dont have it tells me to ###### off. No such problems in Paves server, just back to the server screen then a slow fade
  7. Yep, its Paves server I was trying to join. It just keeps throwing me back to the server list with a message at top left saying crowman connecting which fades out after a few seconds, joined a few other servers with no problems
  8. All seems present and correct mate, I've tried joining a few other servers and I got in no problem, when I try to join the gr.net server I get the black screen with "Wait for server" on it then it goes back to the Network games on internet screen. I'm using sockets and sockets=1 is in the cfg file. I'll uninstall and reinstall it for tomorrow and get all the addons put back in and test it when I get back from work.
  9. Nope no messages, it just said connecting to server then the server list came up and the message faded out, I've got more mods installed than are on the list but I wouldnt have though that would make a difference as long as I've got the mods that are on the server, or would it?
  10. Ok, noob alert, I've not played much ofp multiplayer so I've installed all the mods and tried connecting to the server but it just says "connecting" then goes back to the server list screen. Short of reinstalling all the addons again am I missing something?
  11. Me too, we'll have to pay him a "visit" and get him to hurry it up and get it finished
  12. Anybody keeping an eye on this new one? The screenshots look good and its supposed to have new Taliban infantry with realistic beards http://ofpd.org/taliban.php
  13. Cheers mate, is that all installed on the server now and would it be ok to mirror that post over at the RSi site?
  14. Quick question on the JAM magazines, I know theyre up to version 2 but which are you using, the official JAM2 addon or the version that the AvonLady updated, the link to its here http://ofp.gamezone.cz/index.php?showthis=7438
  15. Would you be able to send it to a gmail account? they give you a gig of space to store your mails and everybody who wanted the zip could have the password to the account? Not sure how big a file you can send to it but it should work.
  16. Ok mate, no problem, I'll put the list I had up on hold over at RSi and when a definitive list is available I'll put that up. Then we'll all be playing on a level field and shouldnt have any problems (fingers crossed). Catch you soon
  17. I've got most of them covered in my list over at RSi, with a few more in there too, I've included the BAS stuff cos you can do fast rope inserts with the blackhawks which is nice, I put the UKForces in there as well and Winter Nogojev, The Cat Afghanistan map is a superb arena to play in. Which editor upgrade did you go for in the end, kegetys or Barons?
  18. Bloody typical, after weeks of going through all the mods Zebb directs me over here to you guys who've already been playing it DOH! I put a list of mods that I thought were probably the best ones to put in the game to get the most out of it, thats posted here RSi Forums But I'd love to come and have a game with you lot, and if we could get an "essential addon" list I've just bought another 5 copies of OFP for some mates who are all broadbanded up and almost ready to play. Still cant believe I never looked in here
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