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  1. Cheers mate, I'm still messing with the editor but I'll try to keep it low(ish), too many nice addons is the problem
  2. Maybe he thought he'd wounded it and was taking a look?
  3. Thats what I thought, so having lots of addons installed doesnt slow the game down, its only when you use a lot of addons in a mission. Is that right?
  4. If you've got XP installed when it tells you its recovered from a serious error it'll tell you it wants to report to you can read about it here http://oca.microsoft.com/en/welcome.aspx After its reported if it finds a match for whats happened to you it'll direct you to a webpage to read about the problem. Mine always came up with a driver problem, this happened after I'd installed the latest nvidia drivers. Omega drivers are installed now and theyre running fine
  5. Question for you then Foxtrot, does it matter how many addons you've got installed as to the speed of the game or how many addons you're using in a mission? I've got lots of addons installed but I only use a few in a mission and havent noticed any slowdown, I'm assuming if I used every addon I've got that it would really crawl.
  6. They look good in the screenshots, how do they compare to the quality of the COMBAT addons?
  7. Check the error report that microsoft generates, I'm assuming you're running XP? The only times I've had that kind of problem was when I was playing flatout and it said it was a driver problem, didnt say what kind of driver, ironic considering the game I was playing eh?
  8. The medusas are as clear as a bell mate, I couldnt be happier with em. The only problem I've had is with HL2, if I enable 5.1 sound in that then I get intermittent pauses as the game loads, not tried it since the patch though so it might have been fixed.
  9. I've got some of the medusa headphones now and after a few weeks using them I'm a bloody happy man. The bass is unbelieveable, when bombs go off you can feel them trembling on your head and in OFP you can hear the exact direction the truck/tank is coming from. Films are great with sounds whizzing all over your head and for £40 they were only £10 dearer than my Plantronics Audio 90's and the packaging was top class, the amplifier and power leads were in there, and the amount of connectors was great, I was a bit worried the mic cable wasnt long enough till I opened the connectors packet and everything you could have wanted was in there. Great package! Thanks to whoever mentioned them to start with
  10. VBS2? Lets hope you dont wait till a couple of years after [OFP: DR] comes out, thats slated for the first quarter of 2006, ah well at least we'll all have 10gig pc's with 5gig of ram and terrabyte hard drives, and nvidia 94847374374347 mx's
  11. easiest thing to do is go to ofpedit, think of something you'd like to do and see if somebodys already made a script for it http://www.ofpec.com/ they've got a very comprehensive list of scripts and theres not much thats not do-able.
  12. Keep it up busy boy, you never know, Santa might get you something nice for xmas
  13. Yup, 1942 is a top game, how was it murdered? Great game with a good following and a good selection of mods too. I wasnt too keen on BFVietnam, mostly cos my pc needs more memory to run it as well as I'd like it to, Rocky, head over here http://pc.gamespy.com/pc/battlefield-2/572130p1.html theyve got a preview of BF2, looks good, very good and how that missile went through the chopper I'll never know
  14. I'm knackered all weekend, Birthday party and preparing for central heating insertion stop play. :no:
  15. Made me swear a fair bit that problem did, it wouldnt be so bad if it actually told you what was wrong but when it boots you out without any warning you start wondering if you're doing something wrong yourself
  16. Have you tried turning down the sensitivity in your windows mouse settings, that might do it
  17. the mods go in your ofp/res/addons folder mate, some of them dont work if they go in the addons folder if memory serves me right
  18. LOL whoops a daisy, I wont tell anybody about your noobness if you dont
  19. Last I heard Sart was looking for somewhere to host the file mate so you could wait till thats available or download the individual files from here http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=22764
  20. Well if you've ever played Desert Combat for 1942 you'll be in familiar territory, one of the movies I saw looked a lot like the Basrah's edge map.
  21. I've read somewhere that its got a dynamic map too so if theres just a few people playing then the play area is fairly small but as players join the maps increase in size to accommodate them which is a nice idea and saves running 20miles to shoot your mate whose on the other side of the map Thinking about the multiplayer/single player aspect, BF1942 included singleplayer but it was a multiplayer game, BFVietnam was a multiplayer game with a very poor single player game in it. If you follow the evolution I'd say BF2 will be multiplayer with maybe a pack of cards in the box as a single player game
  22. Good games mate and the more memory you've got the better they run, makes you wonder how BF2 will do on 512meg ram, makes me thing xmas upgrade
  23. Great stuff mate, I'll look forward to that, the M82's got a bit of a kick hasnt it
  24. finally found a link to the islamic resistance pack http://www.ofp.bmj.pl/jednostki/crs_islamic.zip
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