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  1. Installed it and got it running and was quite pleased with the framerates but I formatted the pc and installed again and it almost doubled the framerates, I'm now getting 20-70 fps, I even got 50fps when I was standing in water with the dxdll on, how the hell they managed to get it running better I havent a clue but I aint half happy about it.
  2. Hallelujah, I could never figure out why you would want to crouch then stand up to make a great target when you're moving. Good job mate
  3. A quarter of a million posts, does that say we've got opinions or what?
  4. Me three, I'm all VBS'ed up , still trying to get my head round how it runs faster than ofp while looking better???
  5. I only got my copy of VBS yesterday but here goes, 1, I cant remember seeing a compass at the top of the screen in ofp or vbs, I always use G to bring up the compass to see what direction I'm moving 2, I've been having problems with my sound lately too and have to go into the speaker settings and on the advanced part change it to 5.1 speakers as it keeps reverting to desktop stereo speakers If you've got a decent speaker/headphone setup make sure thats set right and VBS should keep your settings. 3, I've not encountered those specific errors but they look like scripting errors, something was expected and it didnt get what it wanted so it shows you the error. Might be an idea to show what mission it happened on so the experts can take a look. Hope that helps you a bit mate
  6. Theres only one thing thats worrying me about BF2 and thats the loading times, GR used to load up really quick but BF2 and BFVietnam's maps took bloody ages to load, whether they'll improve on that in BF2 is something we'll have to wait and see.
  7. To start with I didnt have the stuttering problem as I'd got the sound set to headphones or desktop stereo speakers but then i bought some medusa headphones and changed it in game to 5.1 surround which totally buggered it up and introduced the stuttering. Havent touched it since but I'm hoping to pick it up soon.
  8. Cheers mate, just need to get my copy delivered now and I'm laughing
  9. Would you know if the setviewdistance command in the init line would set everybodys viewdistance in VBS the same as it does in OFP?
  10. Give it a try Whisper, stick it on a foresty bit or fly a chopper low over water and turn on reflections and watch the framerate drop like a stone, I like the viewdistance up a bit over the standard setting as it makes sniping a bit more of a challenge and if you're flying you can see a lot further ahead too. Has anyone made a custom mission with a high viewdistance and played it in multiplayer, I'm 99% sure it resets back to the default setting for multiplayer.
  11. With DXDLL on all I activate is postprocessing, reflections really hits the framerates especially when you get near water, looks great but its just not playable, I've messed about with the viewdistance and I like 1500m but it resets to the default of 800 I think when you're in multiplayer, the island you're playing on will make a difference too, high fps on desert island but low on Nogova. Keep tatting mate
  12. No more games? Are you sure about that? Bet I'll tempt ya mate, I'll just keep sending you screenshots of the latest stuff, Keep in touch old man and we'll speak soon.
  13. Like we talked about before mate check your AGP setttings, I'd set your AGP aperture to 128, I really cant see why its running so slow, my machines only 600mhz faster and I'm getting 30-90 fps even with dxdll running. Make sure you've got all the latest drivers installed, including the motherboard drivers.
  14. Alls well that ends well mate, glad to see you got it working
  15. my mistake mate it was 4, I was looking at the manual.txt file too oops. I just modified the files as needed then uploaded em, worked ok this end. try overwriting them again, one might have got screwed on the transfer, I'm clutching at straws, you can probably tell
  16. did you upload all 5 files like it shows you in the manual? I've got 5 files uploaded to RSi and it works fine over there
  17. If you changed the name of the logo.jpg did you change it in the squad.xml file too?
  18. make sure its a .jpg file not a .jpeg theres a good tutorial here http://www.ofpec.com/editors/browse.php?br...ng=logo&x=0&y=0
  19. Yeah, thats right, the only other way to do it is to convert all the files into a pbo file but nobody else would be able to see your face unless they had that pbo file too so its best to do it that way, makes it nice and easy to change it too, just rename another one FACE and copy it over
  20. Cheers mate, I look forward to your results, 2gig indeed! Spare a gig for a bloke down on his luck guv'nor?
  21. I'd like to see what you think of operation flashpoint with viewdistances of 2000m with the different memory setups, I'm running 512 at the mo and will probably get another 512 sometime next year, I think the default viewdistance is 600m but thats crap for long range stuff or flying aircraft. Be nice to see how the game differs with varying amounts of ram.
  22. I'm pretty sure the custom faces are the ones found in liquidfacesV2, you can get that here http://www.edgefiles.com/files/13314.html Do what it says in the readme and you wont go wrong
  23. I'll go with Fairytale of New York too, its not Christmas till you've heard that on the radio
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