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  1. I'm already looking forward to your next vbs mission mate
  2. The bit that I liked was this http://globalsecurity.org/military/library...85/ch5.htm#c5p2 Which gives a rundown of how an operation would be conducted, especially this bit There is a lot of stuff in there that is pretty much meaningless when you plan a mission but theres some real gems in there too.
  3. The netcode seems to be really good, we were on a server in Australia with 10 guys on, 400 ping and no lag, theres a dedicated server in the UK too and I get a ping of 10 on there.
  4. Well its all well and nice doing the odd go in and shoot stuff mission but I think we all appreciate a more well thought out mission, I'm not a mission maker by any means but I've been looking for links that might help to make missions more realistic in design. I was originally looking for good coop missions for OFP when I found the link, its not too bad is it?
  5. Whisper, you are evil, and as far as selling my VBS goes NONONONONONONONONONO, in fact as expensive as the "game" is, its stopped me from buying any more games for a good while cos they just wont match up to it.
  6. Ranger you did change your player number in the xml file didnt you? that was the only thing we had to change.
  7. no, from what I've read about this the mypatch.paa file has to be in the mission folder. Thats the way I see it anyway so if you wanted a T1.paa armpatch the mission scripter would have to script that in and you would need to select that particular unit.
  8. This is taken from the Bas Delta rangers readme about the armpatches
  9. Well we got the squad.xml working but the armpatch sounds way over my head
  10. I'd love to have seen the after action report for when we completed fallujah the other day, just to see how many of the buggers there were coming after us.
  11. Chilling was the word Ranger, chilling in a body bag about 10minutes later
  12. Me too mate, same time tomorrow, If I can get Alex asleep/house cleaned in time I'll be on a bit earlier. thanks for hosting Zebb
  13. Just finished rereading Scarecrow by Matthew Reilly, and Area 7 by the same author, if you like your books fast and furious I'd definitely suggest reading them, start with Ice Station though, then on to Area7. The last Tom Clancy I read was Teeth of the Tiger, didnt enjoy that much, it never seemed to get started.
  14. Athlon xp3000+ @2.17ghz 1024meg ram benchmark 5338
  15. If you're using an Nvidia card, right click on your desktop and go to properties, click the settings tab then go to advanced. if you then click on your graphics card tab (GeForce Ti4400) you should get a panel opening to the left. Click on the performance and quality settings and you'll see antialiasing and anisotropic filtering in the list. To get them working remove the tickbox from the application controlled box and select how much you want, I wouldnt stick them on full to start with because if might really slow your pc down. Move them up a bit at a time till you get the effect/framerate you like.
  16. I've played em both for a good long time and GR had me since the beginning, OFP I didnt really take to, it was a good game with a lot of depth but GR had the edge and thats where I went, But, and its a big but, while GR is great for small scale battles OFP really delivers on the large scale, there's a big community out there when you start looking and OFP editing is a doddle compared to IGOR, if I can knock a mission up anybody can. If you can get it cheap then give it a try, come and play with the guys on the GR.net server, after a couple of missions you'll be hooked, if Nightcrawler can get enthusiastic about a 4 year old game with graphics that arent as lush as GR (till you put some addons in ) then anybody will. Its definitely not a game to play on your own though, in this case the more the merrier.
  17. Got a creative GF4 ti4400 with 128meg of ram in it mate, and no you cant have it for the missus's computer
  18. I couldnt wait for the results (I'm an impatient git) so after the psu blew up I decided to get another 512meg of ram to fit at the same time and after some initial hiccups its all working nicely now with an almost doubling of framerates in VBS so instead of mid-teens I'm now touching 30+ most of the time What you'll get with 2Gig is anybodys guess but I'd say it would run sweet as a nut mate.
  19. sniff sniff, I can smell somebody whos just got hooked on editing lol, isnt it a pain in the ###### when you cant get what you want to work properly
  20. One more little tool and then I'm done, use battleaxe to edit the scripts, it lets you edit the briefing, description.ext, mission.sqm and any scripts you have made or use. http://ofp.gamezone.cz/index.php?showthis=992
  21. Some nice tools I use are Pbox, for packing your mission into a pbo file and unpacking pbo files so you can take a look at them and Comref which gives you references to all the commands with examples and makes it nice and easy to write briefings and the description files, makes adding respawns a doddle. Theyre over here Comref http://ofp.gamezone.cz/index.php?showthis=6172 Pbox http://ofp.gamezone.cz/index.php?showthis=7278
  22. doh, talk about teasing us, and more to the point how have you resisted throwing it straight in and testing vbs?
  23. Yep theres a dumb tit round every corner, you can still get in here http://www.ofpec.com/editors/CoC.php Looks like they nobbled all the index files
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