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  1. You've got to give it to him it really is amazing work, dont think I've seen anything of that quality before.
  2. Now thats the best valentines day present you could hope for eh mate? We're all over the moon for ya
  3. I'm guessing if you use comref 1.91 and click on file at the top you can select animation list, it should be the same in vbs1 as in ofp.
  4. You havent got any programs autoupdating in the background have you? I know a friend of mine whose connection was dial up but really slow because windows was getting sp2, could be worth a look.
  5. Well done guys, that was the first mission I played with you lot and I thought it was bloody hard, hats off to you
  6. Try setting your game to a different resolution to your desktop, I get some oddities now and again when theyre the same, I've now got the desktop at 1024x768 and the game at 1280x1024 and no problems
  7. Congratulations to all who got a gong and thanks to everyone who participated
  8. I've got a firewall and AV running and in all that time the worst I've had was the blaster virus and that was when I reinstalled windows and had to connect to the net to verify windows before I could reinstall the firewall. I use Mailwasher to scan my incoming email before its downloaded and the worst I get now is cookies which everybody gets and adaware gets rid of.
  9. If I even suggested that resolution to my monitor it would keel over and die
  10. Multiplayer is the only way to play VBS, its superb, one of the best, if not the best multiplayer game I've played, how much of that is down to the game and how much is down to the group of guys I play with would be hard to say but VBS is a tremendous tool.
  11. The cost is why I'd say if you're not sure try OFP and some of the mods/addons, if you REALLY like that then making the jump to vbs is worth it, if you dont like it then steer clear.
  12. In fact, jump to the last post in this thread by Parabellum, he explains the differences in his words http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...topic=22051&hl=
  13. It sometimes wobbles a bit when the mission starts but after that I've had no problems unless the servers been packed, prices are here http://www.virtualbattlespace.com/store/ Theres a price for the core simulation then a price for each addon so you can buy as much as you want
  14. Damn good mission but for some reason the fastrope kept dropping me so I was always injured when I landed, didnt find the bomb though
  15. AVG antivirus from http://www.grisoft.com is as good an AV as any and it autoupdates, the Microsoft one is Giant Antispyware that microsoft bought and are releasing through their own brand, its only a beta at the moment but Giant antispyware is really good so I'd definitely get the microsoft version. The only other thing I'd use is Spywareblaster from http://www.javacoolsoftware.com/spywareblaster.html which stops malicious activex stuff and blocks dodgy websites.
  16. Good thinking mate, i cant see me playing/buying another game for a good long while now
  17. Bloody hell Gord, thats just plain greedy, well done mate!
  18. What time do you play mate? Theres quite a few euro guys play and the SES server probably gives the best pings for euro guys, heres the details SES COOP SERVER: Here it is......... VBS1 server: All Official addons included no access pass TS is
  19. To be honest I think you could probably do more in OFP than you can in VBS, check out the Finnish Defence Mod, and there are tonnes of really great addons for OFP. However VBS has better graphics, I've got both and I think the graphics in VBS are better than OFP, the models are all top notch, as good as or better than the best OFP addons and it was designed as a military tool which it does admirably, if it can host 100 players without any lag I'm impressed, Gord will tell you how many he hosts on his connection and I get a ping in the 300's to his server and no lag, the missions that are being made for VBS tend towards coop stuff and the community has some great missions already made that really need a good bit of teamwork to get through them which brings me to one of VBS's strengths, the growing mature community, because of the cost of the program you wont be running into 14 year old kids running round tking everybody, we're adults with jobs and families and have all probably been playing games for a good few years, I know I have. So overall I'd say VBS is a special forces version of OFP, it does everything that OFP does and nearly all of the scripting that works in OFP will work in VBS but VBS is better looking and we're all having a blast playing it, Checkout the screenshot thread for how good looking it is.
  20. To be honest I've got em all, that way if a mission does have something in there I'm covered and dont have to go hunting for it while everyone else is playing.
  21. The temptation to start hitting the first camp I saw was too much and I got wiped out, 3 times So I came in from a different side and pretty much the same thing happened, I'm blaming the AI, stupid bunch of duffers. This one definitely needs a few guys to go through it
  22. I think it might have been this mate ulysses 31 http://www.80snostalgia.com/classictv/ulysses31/ another site here http://www.oceanstar.demon.co.uk/
  23. Just be on the lookout when the chopper lands
  24. It worked, I'm jealous! Nice specced machine you got on the way mate
  25. I'm running an AMD XP3000+ and I'm pretty sure Zebbs got an XP2600+, we've both got a gig of ram and have no problems at all running VBS
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