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  1. Oh yes, it runs like a bat out of hell and the cathedral map is HUGE!
  2. Have you been in touch with Comcast? If I understand it right they host the DNS servers and you should automatically connect to their DNS server when you connect to the net. If you look in the IP part of your network settings theres a box with obtain dns server automatically, if that box isnt ticked and you've got something else in there you might be having problems. If Comcasts DNS servers are playing up that could be causing it too.
  3. I put it on and there is a p3d file missing from somewhere but no doubt that wont be too difficult to locate, looks good, the opium plantation looks good and theres a layer of vegetation you can hide under, thats if I've got the right place, just North and East of the airport at bottom right of the map.
  4. I always used to play game where you could see the gun and when I got GR it was a bit odd to start with but after 10minutes I never even noticed, if the games good enough you just dont notice it.
  5. If you've got flashpoint with resistance installed you should have a file called O.pbo, I think it was part of tonal island but correct me if I'm wrong. If you use the unpbo tool to unpack that file then use the makepbo file to pack it back up but go into options and uncheck the resistance pbo box. Then when you copy the O.pbo file you just made into your vbs1/addons folder all the textures for afghanistan map will be back where they should be.
  6. Thats about it Sart, and rather than being something you can set as a server option it all depends on how nasty or nice the mission maker was feeling at the time.
  7. Warhawk you were everything I expected of you mate
  8. Best of the bunch so in my opinion, worth having just for the walking with weapon on shoulder animation
  9. Yes its great but if you want an idea of what is possible mission wise go over to http://www.ofpec.com/ and have a look at some of the missions/scripts, almost anything is possible...
  10. How many copies of gr2 for xbox have you got so far then?
  11. I've got an xp3000+ and gf4 ti4400, I bought pc3200 ram, pity the cpu doesnt run at 400mhz, grumble moan mutter.
  12. If we're talking pancakes it has to be with cherries and ice cream, oh god I can hear the cooker calling me...
  13. Try doing some with white chocolate mate, theyre great, I couldnt find any white choc chips so I just smashed up some milky bar and threw that in.
  14. Yep, I've gone to a gig and the whole experience I've had with gaming (VBS1, Flashpoint and GR) is a lot smoother, well worth it, just need a new graphics card now
  15. Have a word with NightCrawler, he's currently wading through all of the missions map by map and he'll be able to give you a good idea of whats worth putting on and whats not worth bothering with.
  16. Cracking stuff mate, basic missions? or have you got some of the latest stuff on there?
  17. Good to see you're up and running mate, looks like I'll have to get a new vid card too if a GF4 is what you're using as backup, thats my main card
  18. Default keys but on my mouse I've got MOUSE1 Fire MOUSE2 Run MOUSE3 Reload MOUSE4 Zoom MOUSE5 Change weapons The wheel zooms too but I like to go to full zoom straight away most of the time.
  19. Yeehaaa glad you finally got it figured out mate, and you saved yourself the cost of a new cdwriter
  20. Take a look here too, look at the addons and the simulation, they'll tell you what units you get with each addon and as far as missions go they're still making new stuff for mission in ofp and thats 5 years old now? http://www.virtualbattlespace.com/store/
  21. I'm sure a friend of mine told me he had problems with SP2 and his cdwriter not working once it was installed so there may be compatibility issues with SP2 and your drive, in which case Uncle Bill has screwed you. If I can get a hold of the guy I'll ask if he managed to resolve it.
  22. Well if he's shaking and his aims off while he's sniping our arses that suits me fine. As long as he gets back up and running sooner rather than later, I dont think BI could adequately model a mad Aussie foaming at the mouth.
  23. Or install the gr modmanager and select the mod loadout before you fire the game up
  24. Ouch, fried computer and a month or two without VBS for the bloke who eats sleeps and breathes it pretty much 24 hours a day! I certainly wouldnt want to upset him after a week if he doesnt get his fix of it. Hope its fixed real soon.
  25. Cheers mate, some good points raised there, one thing you can do that took me ages to find out is you can copy and paste, so if you make a unit with a specific loadout you can select him, CTR + C, then paste him over and over to build your teams up and they'll all have the same loadout, that comes into its own when you're making minefields too.
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