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  1. Steady on tiger its only a head, wheres the rest of his body?
  2. Hey Dan send me some details on if theres any more jobs there mate, I could do with earning some cash sitting on my ######, the only things I've seen so far seem like pyramid schemes and I'm loathe to try to invite folks to send me cash and reap no rewards
  3. Chems I know all about your 1337 cheating skills, I should just take the time off "work"
  4. The letter is extremely uplifting to the community, its nice to read something positive from the developers and I really cant wait to see what they come up with. http://www.bistudio.com/flashnews/OpenLetter/openletter.html
  5. You never know, maybe RVS was an experiment to test the longevity of a game without the modding community which is what you get with a console game?
  6. I'd be interested in a little help too there Phantom I still like playing it and I'm damned If I'm going to let Presidio still beat me!
  7. Since it came out I've played probably more games with Zebb than anyone else and we always agreed that it was the game that could have been so good but just fell short and there was always something that held it back from being truly great. To this day I'm pretty sure I havent even looked at the single player game, for me it was multiplayer right from the word go and if I have problems connecting/hosting/playing then its a pain in the bum if the ubi servers and cd key servers go down now then theres no multiplayer for anyone unless they've got their own LAN and friends to ferry in. I personally dont like the idea of that.
  8. WK, direct IP is supported for multiplayer, when you said that I had to check myself even though most of the games I've played in RVS have been direct IP. Some of the biggest pains for me were 1, CD Key servers being a pain to connect to and totally trashing a planned nights gaming 2, Not being able to connect and being disconnected from a mates game even though everyone else can see, join and play it perfectly 3, Ridiculous AI that can shoot you through a keyhole with their backs to you just as you start to open a door I think thats about it for me but I'll think on it awhile
  9. With any new technology you have to play devils advocate and try to come up with every possible scenario, if everybody just accepted that it worked and implemented it then you found out later salt water corroded it in a month then somebody would get a serious ###### kicking.
  10. Theres a lot of games out that are protected by Starforce and it seems to be working, Trackmania Sunrise is still not cracked as of yet and thats got the latest version of starforce on it. If you want to see where it is right click on my computer and go to properties, go into the device manager and at the top click on "View" and make sure hidden devices is checked, you should now see something new in the list called "non plug and play drivers" have a look in there and you'll see all the starforce stuff.
  11. There you go have a read this http://www.forumplanet.com/planetbattlefie...419&tid=1671582 that should explain all about the commander mode
  12. That was a fair chunk of explosives taped to that door and it held up bloody well.
  13. Wow, thats amazing mate
  14. I've just watched it in disbelief myself mate, absolutely stunned!
  15. And theres a nice preview with a bit more info here http://www.tomshardware.com/consumer/20050516/
  16. They are seriously impressive photographs mate, I'd love to see something like that, but obviously from a safe distance, I wouldnt want to get too close.
  17. How about a motorbike for flashpoint with the frog as the engine noise http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin/ikon...t=&?entry742423
  19. From the Powerarchiver site Good grief you're right!
  20. I've been using Powerarchiver for years now, I wouldnt even think about using something else, cant say I've found anything it wont open.
  21. I've always loved your tanks Chems, well done!
  22. Good point Dannik, why do they have forums for console owners? and will it be possible for console owners to look at forums through the console? or will they have to buy a pc which means one up for the opposition.
  23. I think in the second shot he's posted the same pic twice, in the first one you can see the original with Marfy on the second shot and it does look much improved, less neck thats for sure.
  24. CrowmanUK

    Watch this...

    Get back to your map you strange man!
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