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  1. Is this the site you mean? I've had no problems looking at it although I've not logged in as a member http://www.atwar.net/news.php
  2. How the hell did I know that if ever there were an article like this you'd be the one to find it? Damned good find though, especially the bit about better teeth....
  3. breasts up, dunno why but I like that new expression, even though there was nothing wrong with the old one
  4. I think it means when you blow up the artillery, UAV hut and the radar.
  5. I read teeth of the tiger a while back and thought it was awful, for me it never really got going and it was only in the latter part of the book that things started to happen. IMHO I'd give that one a miss.
  6. Hey Hatchetforce where did you find this huge library of games for the mac? I had a bit of a look but couldnt find anything
  7. I can see you like your Mac and you hate Microsoft with a vengeance, I dont believe Microsoft do have billions of software titles out, they've got a few to be sure but developers and publishers are responsible for the software they put out and they do that to the demands of the customers, most customers use windows so they develop software for that OS. Microsoft dont make PC's, if your computer died after a year was it a software or hardware problem? If it was a hardware problem you cant blame Bill Gates for it. I dont have a mac and I dont particularly want one, its horses for courses mate and for what I want its windows all the way and what did that little rant have to do with xbox 360 game prices?
  8. If you really want to feel ripped off take a trip to the UK side of the pond where your $60 game will be converted to english pounds at the rate of 1:1, which when converted back into dollars at todays rates is 106.727 USD, how they work that 1:1 converstion rate is beyond me!
  9. Must go and get that on dvd now, I feel the need to watch the silliness
  10. Hope you dont have to wait for both of them to be sent together, could be a long long wait.....
  11. For a game thats only 50% complete that looks bloody awesome!
  12. I've uninstalled it a few times and swore not to install it and concentrate on new games, its back on again now and as the hardware gets better the game gets better. Wonder if they'll ever sell hard drives with gr on built in rom chip? That would be useful
  13. Are the coffin shaped windows at the front a bit of gothic influence?
  14. I tried running one of the missions where there is a helicopter insert and it worked ok in multiplayer, I was on my own though and hosting the game, not sure how it would work if someone else was in there too.
  15. The only thing I dont like about that is the corner parts of the HUD, cant see a use for em myself, its eye candy that hasnt really got a function, apart from that I cant wait for it to come out.
  16. I must admit I've never really taken much notice about whether a game had a male or female lead character, it was always whether the game was any good or not, and if GRAW came out and it was female characters only it wouldnt make a bit of difference as long as the game was good, no doubt it might raise a few eyebrows but that wouldnt be a bad thing would it?
  17. The way I look at it is that its a game, if you include a choice of male and female characters you can play whoever you want and everybodys happy. If details like that keep all the gamers happy then its a bonus all round. Mind you did anyone really want a male lara croft?
  18. I tried it but didnt like it, I'm using Gaim now and that doesnt seem too bad, it still throws you to the desktop if you're playing a game and somebody sends you a message though
  19. I've had a few problems with the weapons too mate, you select one then when you get in the mission its defaulted to the 1st weapon in the list.
  20. Great read WK, your write up shows just how much you enjoyed yourself there. As for FPWV it was in counterstrike and when I moved to GR I noticed the weapon wasnt there for about 5 seconds then I never gave it a second thought, after playing BF2 for 5 seconds I didnt notice that they had a weapons view either, if the games good enough and keeps you on your toes you just dont notice it.
  21. Thats a really nice gesture mate, get it framed and give it pride of place on the wall, its great to see they all come down here and appreciate the good and bad things said about the games and that they take on board the comments too.
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