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  1. Well thats saved me 25 quid, I've cancelled my order at amazon, in the words of Meldrew "I dont believe it!"
  2. Well if the CD drive is working ok and you connect the dvd drive up and it doesnt work you can rule out the ide cable being knackered, I'd give it a try and if the dvd drive doesnt fire up it looks like you might be buying a new one
  3. The largescale destruction in the airtight movie looked amazing, be nice to know the specs of the machine it was running on
  4. Good news mate, now get stuck into the ironing
  5. I think you're mixing the old socket A sempron up with the socket 754 sempron 64 mate, you'd be better off with an xp3000+ if you can get hold of one, and get the revision B as it runs at 400mhz FSB as opposed to the A which only runs at 333mhz FSB, I found that one out the hard way (spits feathers) p.s. found a bit of info here about semprons for ya http://techreport.com/reviews/2004q3/sempron/index.x?pg=1
  6. Cheers mate, I'll put that on the shopping list
  7. Well if its a software codec you're after I only use this one now, it supports a fair bit of stuff so it might work http://www.free-codecs.com/download/K_Lite_Codec_Pack.htm If its a hardware decoder you're using I'm not sure what to advise you to do, I vaguely remember them being used but I'm not up to speed on them.
  8. If i'm thinking straight you need to install something that will play dvd's, like powerdvd or something like that, then your dvd's should play fine, thats what happened to a mate of mine a while back anyways
  9. I know this is an old thread to resurrect but I'm about halfway through Rainbow Six at the moment and want to follow on with another "John Clark" book, whats the best one to read next guys?
  10. Telewest are having problems in some areas, I was reading of people having problems and telewest tech support telling them that the UBR's were running at 94%+ capacity so once everyone is on 10meg it'll get really crowded.
  11. Well at least you're not stuck in the midlands which they've avoided upgrading like the plague
  12. Theres some very good info on overclocking here mate, have a read of the overclocking for newbies guide http://forums.overclockers.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?f=7
  13. You could always have a look at strike force mate, it probably leans more towards counterstrike but until Infiltration only made it as far as Unreal Tournament http://www.strikeforce2004.com/ http://infiltration.sentrystudios.net/ Frag ops and red orchestra dont look bad either http://www.frag-ops.com/ http://www.redorchestra.clanservers.com/
  14. I get lots from banks I'm not even in, and if you were at risk they'd hardly email you, I'm thinking they'd write you a letter and mail it in the snail mail mate, if I see anything from a bank in my email it gets deleted from the mail server before it hits my pc, http://www.mailwasher.net/
  15. I like that you can define your own searches, it was a pain only having the option to search amazon.com not .co.uk
  16. cheers mate I'll have a look at that
  17. Its the rule of diminishing percentages mate, when you're 1 year old it takes a whole lifetime to get to 2 years old, when you're 10 it takes 1/10th of your life to get to 11 so once you hit 40 a year is about a week and when you get to 60 a year is probably a bit less than a day. Sounds weird but the more you think about it the more it makes sense.
  18. Dead right Stig, I had an xp3000 and was hoping to get a 3200 chip, when I went on the online shops there were no xp chips at all, ebay sell them but the prices are a lot steeper than I remembered, I've got a 64bit 3700 chip now though so the kids can play with the 3000
  19. If I remember right, you can run around with the quick map on, if you look at the command map you cant move.
  20. Tis true mate, we've just found out number 4 is on the way, due in September so you've still got some catching up to do
  21. Congrats mate, hope its a boy for you to even the numbers up a bit
  22. sounds about right Zebb, I got 10,000 ish on 2005, looks like 2006 gives it a real kicking, not a bad score there mate
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