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  1. Just put the cheque in the post mate
  2. Thats a real copout of a response from UBI, they decided to put the starforce protection into their software, you didnt buy starforce software, you bought UBIsoft software, as far as I can see theyre responsible for all the code in their product whether that code was produced by a third party or not and they should handle any problems that come up as a result of that. If you bought a car and it broke down and they told you to get in touch with the clutch manufacturer you'd think they'd gone mad.
  3. Have a look for any hidden files on the root of the drive mate, I moved my virtual memory to another hard drive but windows left the a huge pagefile on the C drive, about 1.5 gig I think it was. Could be worth checking for that
  4. Which leaves just one game then Spectre, so it doesnt look like starforce is doing the job its being paid to do, which begs the question, why bother putting it on in the first place?
  5. I likes the look of that I does pity I just bought a 32" toshiba, dont think the missus would let me buy another one for a few years yet
  6. Just took a look at the list of starforce games http://www.similarities.org/starforce.html and to my knowledge there are only 2 that havent been cracked, Trackmania sunrise and Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow, so its hardly the best protection in the world now is it?
  7. I thought they were going down the HDCP route so you could play your bluray/hd films at really high res on Vista, ah well
  8. me too mate, nothing like banging your head up the wall for an hour because you cant figure out why you're getting a bsod every hour or so eh?
  9. Do you think it would be cheeky to tell them to get a PC if they wanted to play it a bit more tactically and with people who want to play as part of a team?
  10. Just a pity the ofp.info ftp is having problems as the FFUR 2006 comes out, they both look truly great mods and the libya map looks fantastic
  11. Bloody hell, 4 coop missions is a bit on the tight side
  12. Miserable buggers could have sent you a 360 as well mate, after all the PR work you've done for em... mutter... grumble
  13. or if you'd got way too much money you could always buy an FX-60, get me one too while you're at it
  14. Prozac, you're evil, I just got back from the pub and looked at that!!!! Gimme the chainsaw my hands possessed!
  15. LMAO, same here mate, the 7800GTX OC definitely knocks a hole in your wallet, we could have bought xbox 360's and a pile of games for the cost of that thing.
  16. As free ones go AVG is pretty damned good and it scans your email too http://free.grisoft.com/
  17. Wonder how different that locked thread would have looked if the screenshots had come out and Bo had delivered the "We're tweaking it still cos we want it to be perfect" line? I definitely think it would have been a bit more chilled out.
  18. Not a hope in hell, the kids have got an xbox and its great for driving and platform games, but I cant recreate the accuracy of a mouse for first person shooters on a gamepad thingy, besides I only just reinstalled rogue spear and urban ops for some tactical goodness
  19. Bo, it must be hell being you at the moment mate and I really dont envy you. Sitting there reading all the comments that were posted when the release date was put back and not being able to say what stage the game was at and how great it looked. (nice that you did in the end though ) The PC version is looking seriously nice in the screenies, but will we be seeing it in motion anytime soon? Nice Hires video maybe?
  20. Cheers Bo, nice to know that you guys are listening, pssst ever thought of being in charge of UBI Public relations? Your post with a bit of info has done more for me than UBI ever did, cheers again mate
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