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  1. Maybe your motherboard is knackered mate, theres a disk image you should look for called hirens bootcd, its got a pile of utilities to test your system with, they'll test your motherboard, memory and everything it can see in your pc, its usually floating around on the p2p networks and newsgroups, if you cant find it gimme a shout, I've got the latest version here
  2. First thing to do Rocky is get a decent newsreader, something like newsbin, your ISP will have a news server but the retention will be hopeless, probably 5 days at the most so a subscription to a newshosting company helps, something like newshosting at 15 dollars a month for unlimited downloads and 35 days retention, next get yourself over to newzbin and look at whats been released, take your pick and download it. http://www.newsbin.com/ http://www.newshosting.com/ http://www.newzbin.com/
  3. Quickest way would probably be to stick it up on the newsgroups
  4. Well for all the people in the UK you might find Q1 very interesting on this page http://www.dti.gov.uk/ccp/topics1/facts/salegoodsact.htm Note the time limit too, up 6 years after purchase
  5. That was my thinking too en4rcment, I went away at the weekend knowing it would be released, it was a real shocker when I got home.
  6. Damn, too big for the living room
  7. Just put my 10 quid on the same horse that BO picks
  8. The retailers havent found a niche for St Georges day yet, St Patricks day means they can foist a load of green crap on us and make us buy overpriced guinness because we're celebrating it, now as soon as the advertising gurus find a way to exploit good old St George we'll be celebrating with the best of em, Dragon burgers and pints of bitter anyone?
  9. Yeah, but if one guy on blueyonder cheats and the blueyonder IP range gets blocked then everyone gets blocked who has blueyonder for their ISP, banning an IP range is definitely not a workable solution EDIT Oops thats what you get for posting late at night after drinking too much and not reading page 2 of the thread, sorry mate
  10. Not sure if I've read this/dreamed this somewhere but in domination instead of 1 spot to dominate, have random ones that change after a certain amount of points have been taken from them, this actually might be in some other game but my brains too fried to remember.
  11. Bottom left with the chopper hovering with the city in front looks gorgeous
  12. If its the stuff I'm thinking of there was a big issue with it, if you bought it for yourself and got injured in combat you basically werent insured by the army, found the link http://www.sftt.org/main.cfm?actionId=glob...=30&htmlId=4514
  13. The biggest "hype" for me with GRAW is seeing the Grin guys in here daily, I'll be playing it on release day and cant bloody wait.
  14. In VBS1 when you zoom in from a few 100metres away and recognise the face it all adds to the experience, especially when its bright blue eh Nightcrawler? All pretty conjectural at the moment cos we dont know whether it will be in, its one of those "oooh thats pretty" things that after using it you forget how useful it is in recognising your mates.
  15. Being able to put in a custom face works nicely in ofp and vbs1, you can recognise your teammates without having to rely on the indicator to tell you who is who, while I liked the armpatch system in RVS it didnt really add that much and the patches glowed in the dark which wasnt a good thing.
  16. Condolences to the family and friends, RIP mate
  17. And if you use a 120mm fan bolted to one of these http://www.systemcooling.com/thermalright_si-120-01.html it'll be cool and quiet, much more so than with a standard heatsink and fan, this took 10 degrees off my idling temp on a 64bit 3700 cpu, idles around 33 degrees now with all fans on medium in the case, very rarely gets above 40 degrees C no matter what its running. What I like about the antec p-180 is the power supply is in a separate compartment to the motherboard with its own 120mm fan and the hard drives have a 120mm fan cooling them as well, the fan inlets all have filters too so dusting is reduced to a minimum, just keep the filters clean and you're laughing.
  18. I've got an Antec P180 and it comes with 3 tri cool 120mm fans, they've got controllers with 3 settings on, I'm running them at medium at the moment, the cpu has a 120mm fan on it and its very very quiet, if you put it on low you can hardly hear it, the beauty of the 120mm fans is they only need to run slow to move a large volume of air compared to a 90mm fan. One thing to remember is they dont come with a power supply though.
  19. I'm sure something like this was mentioned on the BI forums, whether you'd find it in all the posts is another thing, but I will look
  20. We should have plenty of news by the end of the month too, its being demo'd at e3, William Porters blog got updated too http://www.armedassault.com/william/
  21. Well if you want to test out the multiplayer over the internet send me a copy over and I'll give it a go
  22. Well your holiday didnt last long did it mate?
  23. I'm sure they had shadows in some of the older screenshots D, well spotted though
  24. Wow, thats a seriously impressive looking game. to GRIN, and if you polish it anymore I dont think I'll stand the glare
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