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  1. How long is it locking up for bud? Are you leaving it for a bit to see if it recovers or just rebooting after a few mins?

    Right click my computer and go to "manage"

    In the event viewer go to windows logs, look through the application logs, if there are any serious errors thats where you'll find them.

    The other thing to check is in control panel, go to system and security and go to the action center, check for solutions to unreported problems, that one picked up that i'd got a dodgy sata cable, its a big improvement on the old windows error checkers.

    Best of luck with it.

    One more thing to check to see if its totally locked is the caps lock or num lock key, if the lights go on and off when you're pressing them the machine hasnt totally locked up, if thats the case i'd give it a bit of time to see if it unsticks.

    If you can find the hard drive diagnostic software for your drive I'd run that too, hirens boot cd comes with a fair few.

  2. bet they only took a few minutes to check it before you took it, 2 guys turned up to inspect mine on collection and they took well over 20 minutes, they picked up allsorts of small scratches and one big ding that i'd told the bloke about when i collected it and he assured me it was on the sheet. They also said it was dirty when they picked it up even though I'd taken it through the carwash and hoovered it only a few hours before. Fingers crossed for you mate.

    ps If I was you i'd cancel the credit card now and get a new number, its easier to hold onto your money and contest something than try to get it back.

  3. Hope you didnt get that through a company called "drive assist", I had one off them when we had a bump and had a nightmare with them, they reckoned I did a pile of damage to the car and wanted 450 quid or they'd take me to court, I stood my ground though and after 12 months they dropped it. They've been on watchdog a few times the swines. Nice motor though :D

  4. It was at the end of the last episode mate, but you're probably right the first couple of series were really great, last couple were just pretty damned good.

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