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  1. Star trek is always a bad picture, Buffy was terrible too, even some of the main channel programs like the enders and the street look a bit ropey, I even started to wonder if it had anything to do with my computer being on and me robbing the tv of bandwidth from the cable or if there were a pile of downloaders in my street who were all leeching all day long.

  2. Dunno whether its a ploy on the part of blueyonder mate but have you noticed one of the worst channels is sky one? I'm wondering if theyre actively choking that signal to make it look like the pictures from sky are really bad. When I asked what compression they put on the signal as it looked like an internet feed they said I'd have to talk to one of the technicians, and he's probably got a pad in front of him with a set of standard replies which he goes through. I think its going to be sky for tv and blueyonder for phone and internet.

  3. YES Thank god its not just me who thinks the picture on cable is crap, how the hell theyre going to HDTV is beyond me, I've lost count of the times i've phoned them up and moaned about the compression on the picture, mad digital artifacts all over the place, black colours are terrible and skin tones look posterized and you know what they say when you phone em up???? "We think it might be a faulty scart cable sir, we'll put one in the post to you" GAH I give up, I might even go back to sky....

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