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  1. I lost some.... but my investments in funds are long term so I'm not that worried, my bank is though....
  2. Roflol..... never touch those.... lol I diodn't think anyone would take that serious.... I know there's a lot of halucinating mushrooms in the Netherlands.... but most peeps do stupid things after consuming them (some even die...) so stay clear of mushrooms that you don't trust (there's a few that are tasty and non-poisonous/halucinating) but I buy my mushrooms in store and use them for wild stew.... (wild pork/deer and such...)
  3. did't fix my probs, I will take a closer look this week....
  4. no you will act like one though.... they cause haluciations.... our front garden is full of them.....together with the birds and squirrels they make a good scenery...
  5. Happy birthday Seba (fireSeba?) saw it on our (BPR site)
  6. there's rumour about a new pirats o the carribean movie in the makings.... (and a second cars movie...yeah! lol)
  7. missed it but we will do not next year me hearties
  8. Yepyep, missed last weekend will be there tonite
  9. You mean like this: t h e w o r d ? Lol just kidding, message understood will re-favorite the server
  10. nice way to pic your kids. I have a vouchure for a free print on canvas (30x40 cm) And I'm still looking to catch my kids in a nice natural way witout any of them making a funny face..... this pose looks promising, maybe..... I could be lucky....
  11. what do the dvd's with campaigns cost for shipment in Europe?
  12. I remember combat flight sims running so fast i couldn't hit anything.... nowadays most games adapt themselves to the speed avaliable....lol
  13. get in the server early, I'll be there...
  14. re-installed GRAW2 and dl'ing drivers now. I wonder what will happen since I have an ancient Geforce 8800 GTS 320mb OC
  15. It will autoload, but if you get the chance to manually download load it beforehand it can be quicker that way. Although that means having to figure out where to put the files Cya in game soon! another way to do it is have your cod4 connect to the server when no-one is there, you can download then and there's no waiting for it to finish... (hope I frased this clear enough)
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