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  1. Easy! Why not make it in the Svalbard, Murmansk, Hammerfest general area like Frostbite? Or other snow and winter region? Both rural and urban maps, indoor and outdoor (docks, radar installations, mountains, open plains etc. Make it lot of nice scenery and weather daylight effects (snow storm, crisp clear night or bluish day/twilight with the sun low on the sky...etc etc... I would love to see that in GRAW! thats why I found this non Ubi mod better than the original add ons..... I cinserely hope the modding community picks up again, it made GR! worthwile a lot longer!
  2. What do you mean? I know the air support only works for the assigned targets of the mission; but the Zeus itself can be used on anything from VBL's to the Havocs. in Vip2 i used the apache to kill the armoured personell carriers..... and still had them around to kill the tanks, on the bunker mission you can only use air support twice.....
  3. likewise.. Here's some low-res texture screenies for those that couldn't get what I was talking about. He Manji what did you do to get the tactical map in color Key to the embasy for me was to hold the high ground. you mean the main square?
  4. 800x600 at 40+ fps AsusA8NE FM AMD X2 3800 Geforce 6600 1 gig DDR 3200 (2x512)
  5. he savage elve, groetjes van boswachter
  6. i'd love to see some mountains, klimbing, hiding (maybe Kosovo/Bosnia) I'd love to see some english countryside (meadows, hedges and grassland) I'd love to see the artic (Frostbite fan) I'd love to see some artic wall bunker systems, indoor fighting Maybe some west European city's (anti Terrorist actions)
  7. Some extra weapons would be nice, but I know from GR1 that there were to many weapons, an a lot of them didn't work either you had to find a key.... watever that meant either they were not in camo/color. I loved the m4 sopmod (in Jungle storm) the OICW (original) and some sniper rifles (the canadian 7.62 and SA27/silenced) I rarely did use MP5's (in GRAW since you cant stand to close to a wall and aim smaller guns would be handy in indoor/ close urban combat) I would like som more grenades (smoke/flasbang etc.) and a simple rpg just for fun.
  8. I will keep the game, i had lots of fun with GR! waited 5 long years for the follow up. Hope the june patch will do good and alle modders do better..... GR1 is still worth playing thanks to people that make mods that were even better than the original ubi-mods
  9. It's a BBQ I'm a bit inspired since it's time for my annual BBQ-LAN-party next month let's see if i can catch a ferry my lan party's are with my brothers in law, 3 of us but my second pc and the laptop will only run gr1 so i'll have to wait untill my bro's in law buy better pc's (my second system could be upgraded but is as expensive as was buying my new pc....
  10. 1 bugfixes, there is enough to do 2 more maps, desert, jungle etc. 3 more weapons OICW, M4 Sopmod etc. 4 more realistic camo 5 smoke grenades, flashbang etc. 6 thermal camera/ infrared ajustable at least on drones 7 ability to klimb over little obstacles 8 indoor fighting!!!!!! 9 Frostbite 10 financial support for ex wife
  11. I am definitively gonna buy thet game, since i'v seen nothing yet that equals GR1 for PC o.k. the graphics of some games ar better, but in gameplay i like GR1 very much. I only hope there will be an possibillity to try different tactics for example play in Seal mode, Delta or the British SAS.... maybe i just have to wait for the mods. Since some mods for GR! are better than the original game especially Frostbite (thanks to all modders out there keep up the good work, I don't have enough time and skillz to do the same....) Well in the mean time i will play GR1 and read all the books on GR like missions i can find (hint: try the books of Cris Ryan, and Andy mc Nab the've been there and write in an no noncence way which is different than many american books i've seen up to date ) Greetings from Holland (you know that spot to the west of Germany in Europe ) Forrester
  12. I Think since we are waitng soo long Ubisoft should include the scenery of ghostrecon 2 as a gift in the new version of Ghost Recon as a token of good will for all those who keep playing GR1 since there is nothing better yet
  13. Are those mentionned complete like frostbite? I liked that mod even better than the original games (better enemy, nice music and perfect scenery) Is there a good site to download those mods I dont like the gamespy option Postcards from Peru I liked also but had some troubles with bugs (from mission 4 on)
  14. wow... the only way i can kill 3 tangos with 1 shot is using a grenade!!!! ← Even better i once threw a grenade against the head of my brother in law in front of me and killed his 3 man team... (he was ducking in front of me ready to storm a slope) Our games mostly end like this: are we gonna quit? nah lets try this one again Game starts: beng beng beng your team is gone now were gonna quit Okay Once I had my eldest brother inlaw hunt me for at least half an our before I shot him....
  15. I liked the canadian 7.62 a lot also
  16. Eeeeeh, support, eh? I'd advice you to pick a Rifleman or a Demolitions Expert. ← I find the guys who carry all the ammo for me very helpfull I like sniping, but agree to the fact that you want to avoid any close quarter combat. In missions for example the embassy i use a scoped m4 or the O1WCL (or watever is the name for thet thing) to hit the snipers. But a supressed SA27 suits me best but I wonder if such a silenced gun can be effective in reality (since your bullet lozes speed/impact by silencers)
  17. I would like to see my weapon but not in over the shoulder view, and with the possibillity to see through the scope when walking, and no goor aim when running. (maybe somtimes you have to bahs in and spray some bullets around, but that's not my stile) And I really want some indoors fights, with less sight when you come out of a dark building where you were around for some time. At least 6 teammembers (which to spec ops is still 2 short of a team, we are not like the British SAS, they operate in teams of 4) Some missions where you command two teams and let them operate together to archief a goal. For instance you communicate with the other team and they let you see through their camera how the scene looks from the other side so you can judge the best way to attack. In my view the game should look very like GR since I still play that game with very much fun (throw grenades against the back of the head of my brother in law and tell him to get gone befor the blow) To all the readers who think that something is allready present in GR2 I haven't seen the game yet since I only posess some PC's. GReetings Forrester
  18. Some mods in GR1 feature this, but since I only play on my privat network with my two brothers in law i find it very difficult because most of those mods were for at least 32 members or so, and even with my aiming skill it was not survivable. One item that I will miss in GR2 is the aim sight, i have no need for an over the shoulder look, i liked the aiming end precision shooting (look aim, shoot through the head) in combination with an m4 sopmod or so, so you can go allmost undetected.
  19. That's why I like som mods even better than the original game frostbite for instance, it's sad that I dont have the time to figure mod building out otherwise I would love to do dome mods.
  20. I hope so, i can't understand why people buy a console anyway...
  21. I heard it is impossible to enter buildings in GR2, since I enjoyed caves and buildings the most in GR1 it would be a petty for me if that would be lost. (and since you will lose control of taking over the teammates, and the over the shoulder vieuw instead of the GR1 vieuw there is lost enough by my account)
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