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  1. Happy new year to everybody here, hope to see GR.net return to former glory with a new glorious GR title to spark it!
  2. lool good to read my profile back.... did just now notice how much I spent on hardware in 3 years....ooops (2 new systems since apart from several minor upgrades) haha and still happliy married, wife only complaing about ARMA2 at the mo....lol
  3. lol took me 2 hours to de 35 klicks yesterday in The Netherlands, so If there's a warning for 20 cm of snow, beware it really might kick in.... we only had 5 cm and over 670 kilometers of traffic jam....
  4. too little too late... I'm still not gonna buy
  5. Ahw lol, I have one.... I have to explain to our IBM helpdesk in South Afrika that my email doesn't work, and that sending a tool to fix by e-mail wouldn't work...... Gladly we get a helpdesk at our office now (I want to see them run from workspace to workspace as we run hopelessly outdated IBM crappy shatcomputers...... with 2 CAD applications and a heavy database tool running at once I can fix coffee for the whole team between entering commands. Oh and theyd ecided to upgrade our network drive by adding a hdd of a whopping 150 gigabyte dang I have 2 times the hdd storage capacity at home that we have to work on with 800 people here.... So I hope I get the applications I need for home usage, so I can do some work actually....
  6. saw it on the ICANHASCHEEZBURGER.com nice vid.... well trained cat there.....
  7. don't you think thats a little bit suggestive......lol
  8. good news, but sad you are working on racing games, we need a new shooter..... Anyway I see a lot of my friends have trouble with their job or finding a new one, consider yourself lucky and make the best of it!
  9. well at least this birthday thread is safe for work....lol
  10. directx 11???? I guess that's the problem, this game runs 9.0c
  11. hope he returns soon enough.....months in hospital, I've seen my parents suffer that. Its your worst nightmare. Even with the attractive nurses days can be as dull as ehhhrm work....lol
  12. lol I'd expect a different lolcat for every day....
  13. That is a very European way of looking at it. Lol it's us Europeans that took all welfare from the native Indians in the US, that harboured slavery for several senturies and plundered (and still do...) Afrika.... I could only hope that some Americans see things the same way, and start to wonder what to about it. Fact is I live in the Netherlands, and with 16.000.000 people in our small country the country is full, so I'd hope that we would build more welfare in Africa and other places so people can live well were they are. This links directly to the real issue of this topic, training and using teh military to spread wellfare in Afghanistan, Irak and other places. I am agianst waging war, but to really kill terrorism we have to get rid of the feeling of an uneven spread of wealth..... bringing democracy to those countires could be a second goal, but wealth leads to better education which in the end will lead to some sort of democracy. We all should take a look at our influence in this world and see we live on a too big foot (footprint) I for instance don't use an aeroplane to go on holiday, and holidays more than 200 km from home only occur once every 2 years (were 3-4 holidays abroad are quite normal over here) I don't buy a sauna, swimmingpool and other energy monsters. The use of green power and better isolation of my home are wishes, but since I did not win the lottery yet they'll have to wait. Most important I raise my kids to be aware of our environment and the poor in this world so they learn to be happy with little.... someday that abillity will come handy....
  14. Arma @ is a perfect cooling down after badminton, I do it every tuesday...lol
  16. got my windows 7 ordered (free upgrade)
  17. *Rumour* fourtwozero has sent a message on twitter that the petitions scared some at IW and that they were certainly taken into account. the twitter message was meant to be private so fourtwozero deleted the post, but hey, any hope is hope right? for thosw who can read dutch... http://www.nu.nl/games/2105838/petitie-mod...erd-worden.html
  18. watch your tail, so many were counting down the days and didn't make it.... Hope you stay safe.
  19. Immigration is a result of a very uneven balance in welfare across the world. As long as us rich people don't realise that we will struggle to keep what's not ours.....but ours (meaning everybody on the planet) And please don't come with arguements like poor people are to lazy to work.... Ok Back on topic. The national reserve in the UK is different tahn over here (the Netherlands) but I'd understand a measure like taht over here were the reserves never are sent abroad unless a war unleashes that takes the Netherlands in. In what i read above I sence soldiers taht do active duties (though as a side job) arent trained. That would imply that they are of no use an the regular army has enough troops, which considering the demand for extra "peacebringers/keepers" in Afghanistan would be foolish. I'm sure we will see a loty of strange cuts by governements to clean all the debts caused by the crysis, lets hope those in charge know what to do best. (In my case I'd suggest tax environmental damaging products that are sheer luxury, like swimming pools (private) saunas, big cars, flying trips etc. more. But I's afraid this thread will go political, so mods, take away my post if you feel its going the wrong way... my 2 cents
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