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  1. I'm affraid not. I started playing graw with an AMD X2 3800 2 gig ddr 533 (?) and an geforce 6600 GT didn't work. First I updated the graphics card to an 7600 GT and then it became playeable, but only just..... After I upgraded to a core 2 duo 6300, 2 gig ddr 667 and a geforce 8800 GTS 320 mb OC it became playable Also having a soundblaster x-fi music helps much (any sounblaster x-fi exept the audioo will do) GRAW is very hard on your system and with the quality sound (still haven't found a game were I can hear the enemy's position better) its good to have a better system (up to certain heights off course when GRAW came out you needed top notch to be able to play, now most standart systems with a slightly better graphics card should be sufficient.) I know this is not wat you wanted to hear, but better a good system and an addiction to graw than a bad systemand a great deception....;-) [edit] typo's monday mornin....
  2. poor ######..... we have a new lolcat ourselves
  3. sadly I've seen enough to make me not buy the game, and contradictionary to MW2 I will not even install it if I get it for free from a friend.... seen gameplay movies and the do not appeal to me the slightest, not by far realistic. People can disguise themselfes with a cloaking device, but soldiers not hearing someone walk 2 feet behind them is utter crap.... sorry can't get more positive on that. And people here know me for my defence of GR, and GRAW I still love those games, but GR FS shows were UBI went..... from a great company to well let me be polite and not say the words..... My hope is that medal of honour will somehat fill the huge gap, or maybe, very maybe ground branch, pretty please...... [edit] typo's [/edit]
  4. Rocky, I must say the new forums look cool. On the PC I'm using at work the stuff is a bit heavy, but thats my problem....I miss one important function (I might have overlooked it till now) The unread posts button. In that way I can keep track of stuff I've missed..... Can you tell me if its there, and if so where, and if not could it be added please? Thanks in advance, and good to see you ingame again..... We missed the Scottish accents.....
  5. I read a lengthy article from a tech-site about GR FS and I must say this game won't make it to my PC, too much fancy stuff (the report stated it was a crysis like game with too little balance....) and he obviously wasn't impressed with gameplay. Only the graphics looked "cool" but the jumps and stuff were way over the border..... Sorry UBI, forrester is out of the house, I'll stick to BF BC2 and maybe MOH and hope for better tactical shooter times...... (and people who know how big GR/GRAW fan I was know what that means......)
  6. He seems to be called Wondor as stated in the message?
  7. nice pics, glad you made it back.... All I can think of when I seen likewise pics is dust, sand, and heat..... oh and cold off course lol.
  8. lol, no I didn't touch the controls.... I was in the back seat.... more pics eh? I will try to upload them to my flickr.com account (Boswachter_hans)
  9. hope you may recover fully sooner than later..... I was glad to see you post but when I read it was only for the weekend I realized again that you have a long road to go still...
  10. guess who did what today....
  11. hmm seems to not work http://www.skoftenmedia.com/images/picdump/131/07.jpg
  12. nice picture there Papa!. Personally I would have taken it from a bit further to get more of the forest behind, but hey I'm forrester...lol We have a big waterfall on our bedroom wall, my wife put it there, first thing I asked was did they run out of forests which got me being chased for some time...lol I could only wish to take pictures like that.....
  13. the plane is one with nothing to worry about its short take off and landing, and in this picture you see a take off.... The sint Maarten airport has landings and take offs of 747's at 50 meters above ground level over a busy beach.... those pics look the same
  14. Congrats Rocky, it looks fabulous..... love it!
  15. join the sparta tacdom night some day led, would be great to see you on the battlefield...
  16. nice, but I guess I will keep my strategy, wait untill the game is 2 years old and then buy it for a fiver. Online gaming in civ is nothing for me and the sp modus will keep me busy as long as I don't have other games to play.
  17. LOOOL good one...... I was thinking of putting on a similar post.....
  18. I dunno... had a geforce 7600 GT that was top of the bill back then, but the 8600 is a low budget card you get in bad puters like dell, hp, IBM and such standard at that day.... so not much effort to try to run physics. I used one of the firstd rivers which included physics on my old 8800GTS OC and yes it ran but frames ove 35-40 per sec no.... with my 275 GTX it works better, but thats in combination with and 8400 Core 2 duo, 4 gig of ram, and a faster motherboard.... You can download the drivers. the physics you can trun on and off, so there's no one overboard if they are too much. Good luck
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