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  1. I have to agree with this opinion of GRAW 2, I believe the Friendly AI is NOT as effective as it should be. I find myself having to come to the rescue of "MY SUPPORT" team. I hear, "I am taking fire", then move to position and neutralize the target and then move out. Outside, of you, (Captain Mitchell) have a the human intelligence, shouldn't your fellow soldiers have the same tactical skills as you. I have played the game all the way up to Mission 8 at this time. I am very disappionted in the friendly AI. I do feel the other elements of the game are great. I always seem to fall back (when comparing) on my many years of playing Orginal GR and feel the AI is better in the Orginal GR. They did not complain about "taking fire", they neutralized the target and moved out. They reacted to targets waymore efficiently then GRAW 1 & 2, by stopping move or neutralizing target and moving forward. But all and all, I will stick with it, since I am A Ghost Recon Fan.
  2. I am guessing that Ubisoft has not heard the new army slogan, they are still under the "army of one "slogan, they feel that a small group of soldiers can repell an invasion while the WHOLE BASE COMMAND OF Fort Bliss, Fort Hood, Fort Carson, and Not to mention White Sands, will sit back and say, "This job is too big for us, let them handle it" Your are right, this is a joke. But wait, since all our troops are in IRAQ, this might actually happen.
  3. Thanks for all the information, it is greatly appreciated, I have narrowed down my choices to either an Alienware AREA 51, a Dell XPS, or a Dell 9100. Running a 3.0Ghz or higher, Pentium 4, 128MB Graphics, and a 60+ HD. Thanks again, C. Espi
  4. It is nice to know that i have recieved soooooo much help on this problem.
  5. okay, thanks for the reply, now this begs the question, if you were to run only GR on one notebook, say mainly that game, how much HD same would you need to load all available mod into the Red Storm folder, GR folder, I looked at my folder last night and found it to be 6GB of stuff and I probably only have a 3rd of what is available in regards to mods, map, equipment, champaignes, missions, and so forth, but we have to look at loaded data, not saved data, data that you can run directly from the GR folder. I have not heard of running a program off a external HD, can you do that?? So I put some thought into it last night. Any older notebook will do the job, as long as the graphic is at 64MB, (better to have it higher then 16MB), I think a P4 would be better and screen size of 14 to 15. Now, the hard decision is trying to find a used notebook with "what size HD?" I know that you need to leave some space for th OS for it to run effectively, with only GR loaded (and SOAF) and mods, what would be a good HD size?? C. Espi
  6. Okay, here is the situation. My wife would killling me if she knew I was even thinking about this. I currently have two notebooks, a IBM X30, which I mainly use for school, well, when I was in school, I loved it so much, I kept it, and my new DELL 700m. I had a Gateway 400, but I decided to give it to my wife, "there will be no sharing of the notebook" Well, I got the small Dell, due to it's size and honestly miss my Gateway 400 screen size, for playing GR. So I have been thinking about getting a used notebook, and increasing the HD to 100GB to make room for GR and MODs and maybe two or three more games. Now, I am thinking that 100GB is MORE then enough, on average. How much space do MODD take up on a HD? I increased the HD on my gateway from 40 to 60 and still found to have very little space <10GB, but that was with other programs, on this other notebook, I would only run GR and MS office. So basically, I am looking for a 14-15inch notebook with all the specification of Orginal GR, but how much space would I need for the HD with the game and all it's mods??? If anyone has any information, would be appreciate. C. Espi I have considered a Desktop, but I went portable and never looked back.
  7. I am a soldier deployed with 4th Infantry Division, 1/4 Aviation. I have been tyring to download some of the, if not all, the mods, expansions, equipment, and maps, but the internet connection is very slow or down, at our (so called) wireless cafe, (tried to download the new "Blue Ivan" map, estamated time: 8 hours). I did have most of this data, but as luck would have, before my older notebook (gateway) crashed, my lacie 80G external drive crashed, still waiting for it from lacie since January. Got a new Dell and got rolling again, but don't have that many mods. I have been able to down load some mods, but would like to all the data available. So my question is .....is there anyone out there that has all this data to put on a disc, I figure it should fit on a DVD disc (4.7G). If anyone could help me out, please contact me via my email on my profile. C. Espi
  8. It is great that I got some response to my post. I realize that modding is not as easy and some would think, me included. But I guess, if it could be done, one of the our excellent modders will try and do it. I only wanted to make coment on the issue that most of us Orginal GR fans, or at least I do, feel cheated out of not having that champaign available to play, even as a modification. Thanks for the post.
  9. Now, I much like everyone else, old news, was disappointed with the cancellation of GR 2 for PC . I have not played, because it is not on PC, so I will not play it . With the upcoming GR 3, and the specification requirements, I am sticking with GR 1, mainly because my notebook can't handle it. I don't know anything about modding , would like to learn, but making time, well, is not in the work . Is there any possbility that GR2 missions (champaign) will be made by any modder for GR 1??? C. Espi
  10. Well, it looks like I stand/sit corrected a bit, just read the post on Airfield Swap mission from RSE. Someone still cares out there, but would like to see some expansion packs, maybe at least three or four. C. Espi
  11. well, if you're lucky, people will keep modding GR1 for years to come. heck, there are still people actively modding the original Doom. ←
  12. Personally, I have been upset since the cancellation of GR2, but that is old news. I really don't care if AW is set for PC. I will continue being a loyal fan of GR, the orginal . It started it all and since we have nothing to compare it to, another version of GR for PC, it still remain the best available version. Ubisoft will keep doing what they are doing and they don't care about us PC gaming, the money is in the consoles. Just my opinion, but if ubisoft wanted to, they could just make us orginal GR fan a couple of expanision pack and I would be satified. Out......
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