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  1. Ubisoft’s Thaddeus Sasser, Lead Multiplayer Game Designer on the upcoming Ghost Recon Future Soldier, gives fans an in-depth look into the highly anticipated competitive multiplayer mode that GRFS will be sporting come May 22 in North America. Sasser recently sat down with Online Men’s Magazine, The Alpha Syndicate, in a “Q&A for the ages”. We’ve gathered all the important details below for your reading enjoyment. The Last Man Standing game mode will not be returning this time around. Instead, the team will be bringing back Siege, a game type much like Last Man Standing, but with the addition of a central objective to be defended. Here, one team will spawn in a central location and will be required to defend an objective. Attackers will be deployed around the outside of the map. Each solder will have a single life with no respawns. The objective capture rate has been sped up. The Confidence system affects hacking speed for Data Hacking (stealing an enemy’s positional intel from a stunned opponent). Other tools and features include in the competitive MP are UAVs, Suppression effects, and a Coordination System (players can mark objectives, enemy targets, or call for support). Ammo boxes and med kits will also be included. Hardcore mode will not be present, although GRFS already includes high lethality. The HUD plays too important of a role to be excluded in any game type. There will not be a dedicated first-person view. However, all guns do have a first-person scope view. There will be a rank progression for system for public matches where players can unlock weapons and equipments based on their rank. An “open” system will be included for private matches. Meaning, all weapons and equipment are available for use. GRFS will not include “killstreaks”. Focus is instead placed on rewarding players for completing objectives. For example, hacking into an enemy sensor network will reward players with positional intel, or capture ammo crates will allow players to resupply. Included are 4 game types, 10 maps, 2 factions, 3 roles. Over 50 weapons, dozens of pieces of equipment, and a number of grenades are also at the disposal of every soldier. GRFS will sport a fluid and responsive cover system. Sasser also assured fans that the 3rd person view isn’t over-effective as there is a stabilization period when moving with your weapon. Sasser also added that, so far, a dominant strategy has yet to emerge during play tests. This should hopefully prove for balanced gameplay.
  2. This game is really nothing like BF or COD... I don't understand why people keep saying that it is. Is it [GR] for the PC? No, but who actually thought it would be? You have to enjoy it for what it is. Hopefully the R&G stuff will die down when the full game comes out, but right now you have all of the people who enjoy any kind of shooter forced into one game mode on two fairly small maps. Really going to have to wait until the full version to see how things shake out, but I have been enjoying for what it is.
  3. That should die down in full release when DM is a game mode.
  4. Everything is going to be reset I'm sure. I love the game but have pretty much stopped playing because I don't want to have to re-level once the retail game comes out. Also, I hope that playing single player advances your level as well.
  5. I've played with quite a few of you but not everyone. Just wondering if everyone else is enjoying it as much as me. I just wish the COD players didn't just run head on into rooms without looking. When I see two people go into a room, my assumption is the room is clear.... Seems to not be the case quite often when I am playing with random people. Also... New people are going to get their @sses handed to them in this game... Even just getting your guy to level 4 makes a huge difference in what you are able to do.
  6. Looks nice, however I JUST bought the PS3 7.1 simulated SS headset about 2 months ago. As far as the controller goes... I don't see why they don't make the PS3 version KB&M compatible. They did it with Unreal Tournament 3 and it worked great. Seems like a lot of work and money for only having the option of not having to press the D-pad, which really isn't an issue for me. Lights too I suppose... Cool as all those lights look, seeing the glare of them in the TV when the room is dark is going to suck. Referring more to the headset. I wouldn't even mind if they forced you into an "official" KB&M. I love the game though so maybe i'll check out the controller and see if it is better than the standard PS3 one.
  7. Did you get a chance to try the beta yet? I know I haven't posted often here in a very long time, and it was always the PC forum years ago, but I really have enjoyed playing with the people on the forum more than the average PSN person as things go much more smoothly and people don't run around doing stupid ######.
  8. Eagle Eye is currently on sale on Amazon for $50 USD. It's worth the money?
  9. Played some with Orney today. I am really enjoying the beta. The gun mod system is about as deep as in any game I have seen, if not more so. Once I hit level 4 with my guy I dropped game to eat and really take a look at what was going on with his weapons. I'm impressed with the system. I'll say one thing for sure... This game is going to take all the SOCOM people very quickly. Though... I feel like they need to remove the "hold X to move to next cover" option. Seems a little too easy to snap from cover to cover, not that it helps all the time, just saying.
  10. PSN ID: kingotnw Looking forward to hopefully playing with some old school players. Please add me! I can't do console shooters either, but I am going to make a real effort with GR:FS, might even get one of those PS3 keyboards if it helps. I have one of those keyboards... Pretty big waste of money. Honestly I don't think I have really used it more than here and there, and it is never hooked up to my control. I just grab it off the table when I need to use it, but really only a handful of times. Invest in a good Bluetooth headset if you don't already have one and you'll be set. The keyboard may be ok for some things for some people, but I would never purchase one at full price. You can often times find them online for $25 on sale, that's what I did.
  11. I sort of switched over to the console versions because the PC versions have been so strange for such a long period of time. I am very old school, like many here. I loved the original R6 games before RS was bought out. I think there is something to be offered in the newer incarnations of the games, but for me those benefits are geared for a console player. I liked GRAW1 & 2 on the PS3, as well as the PC. Very different experiences mind you, but I liked them all. I am looking forward to this game, and will end up buying the PS3 version on release day, and probably the PC version a bit later on after I scan forums and see if there is a reason to purchase it. Haven't been here in ages... This may be the first time I have posted in several years!
  12. Are there any servers that run mods? I only reallly see two active servers ever and never running mods.
  13. I enjoy the X360 version of GRAW2 a great deal... Its unfortunate that the PC version release date has slipped, but look at most of your reactions to GRAW1 PC. I can see why they don't want to put this game out until they feel it is completley done and ready. The hate for Ubi may be a little misplaced here due to the fact that its entirley possible they don't want to put out a game that all of you are going to hate anyways. As for TMNT getting more press than GRAW2 PC... Why should that shock any of you? There is a major motion picture comming out, and good game or not, parents are going to be buying that game for their kids. Of course they want it "out there". The movie is free press for that game. Again, though it is unfortunate for fans of the GRAW2 series, it is a sound marketing decision by Ubi. In the end, if it is a good game, people are going to buy it. Thats all there is to it. I was looking forward to the PC version as well, and fully intend on checking it out when June rolls along. I think people need to remember this is "just" a video game, its suposed to be fun. Be happy they are waiting until its "fun" before it is released.
  14. The reason is the decision was made by people higher up in Ubi, not by the developers themselves. With budgets for 360 games approaching those of some movies, resources and manpower are a big issue. Ubi is good at tasking the dev studios under their umbrella to work according to their strengths. For example, almost all PS2 ports are done in Ubi Shanghai. Ubi recognized RSE's big strength is their experience with developing great multiplayer experiences and spaces, so Ubi got RSE just to focus on GRAW MP and it paid off big time. GRAW is not the first game where SP and MP were actually 2 different games done by 2 different studios. Splinter Cell 2 MP was their first successful attempt at using this model, where Ubi Shanghai did the SP game and one of the French Ubi studios did MP. In that case, both MP and SP used the Unreal engine. Why does GRAW1 & 2 use different engines for SP and MP? Well, the respective dev studios developed each engine in-house, and both engines have different strengths, so why waste time getting them to learn each other's engine? Instead, get them to use the engine each dev studio is already familiar with, and at the same time get them to develop those engines further to take advantage of the 360's hardware. It also saves Ubi money using engines they own than licensing 3rd party engines like Unreal. Ubi got the Yeti engine for SP when it purchased it's current Tiwak studio, and RSE is still using it's own proprietary engine that has its roots in the original R6/Rogue Spear/GR1 which is perfect for GRAW MP. Hope that helps answer your question Wow... Thanks for that!
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