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  1. Create a Reward System similar to those included in fighting games, rewards should be things like: *New special missions or classic missions the first game had *Weapons *Characters, specialists from GR for example *Gallery and all the stuff the Xbox version had should be in there too. Points for the rewards should be given according to the skills you showed at: *Directing your squad (leadership, giving good orders) *Weapon skills (headshots, accuracy) *Protecting your squad (provide support when needed, covering fire, healing soldiers as a medic, no one dies, no one gets hit) *Stealth skills (using silenced weapons, never going into a major firefight)
  2. Check this thread: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=6722 Check the downloads section.
  3. My wishlist would be: 1. Bring back the Command Map only add some specific commands to it. 2. Bring back the character development (point system) 3. Open maps, I dont like the linear maps included in the XBOX version. I really like the feeling of strategy GR has, how you plan to do the objectives also you had lots of options to attack a certain location in different ways you had to be very creative on the move. 4. More weapons, silenced weapons are a must have. 5. MMI Grenade Launcher its my favorite weapon. 6. 6 man teams that you can create completely, choose weapons and all, like in GR. 8 man teams wouldn't be bad though. 7. Slots system when you choose your gear like all the Rainbow 6's out there. Be able to choose kind of uniform, headgear (helmets or hats, not in R6 but would be cool), one slot for primary weapon and customization possibility (sights, mags), slot for secondary and customization, two slots for items (nades, demo charges, etc.) 8. A medic class would be good addition. 9. Keep the game First Person but let us have the option of seeing the gun like in Raven Shield but add Iron Sights like in AA and CoD. 10. The GREAT Co-Op mode the first game had. I HOPE THIS WISHES ARE USEFUL.
  4. Ok thanks, now if i want to put another song in its place what can I do? Do I simply put another track or do I need special software?
  5. I'am using some mods right now especially the HX5, and I really dont like the main menu music is there a way to change it?
  6. I've been trying to create an account but the page keeps telling me details about my password but I'am pretty sure all the passwords i tried are well written, can anyone help me? Thanks in advance
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