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  1. I have to agree with you... I'm on mission 10, 4th objective and I must say it does make you think and is very challenging... When a game like this, tics me off to have to walk away from it, time to time, I know it's good, real good.... Then again a "quick save" would have kept my blood pressure down, of course... lol I know what you mean by have to walk away... I would try a mission fail try again fail, I couldnt stop until I got it done though lol Thats the way a good game is supposed to be challenging. I am kind of disappointed in MP though. Please Grin/Ubi fix MP because this game deserves it to be done right. I noticed in the credits that they thanked the janitor and Ghost Recon.net also lol
  2. I feel its the TEAMs job to protect there spawn and push back any advances/snipers etc. Ive noticed im MP GRAW DM its SPAWN and run like #$!! for cover and hope no one is there waiting. Game types where you need to capture points etc...you expect camping to protect areas. I say let a person play there game, as long as no hacks/cheats/glitches are being used.
  3. Thanks Shinobi I havent played hardly any MP GRAW because I usually like to finish the singleplayer game. I just got off from playing for an hour or so. This will take some getting used to. The maps seem so much smaller when you have alot of people running around on them. I enjoyed 15 people max the most in a server. Not many servers with people online either. I hope things will pick up when TDM and HH are released. The spawns with alot of people on a small map are ridiculous. Spawn get sprayed, spawn get sprayed...I notice there is a little spawn protection though. Im peeking around a corner and wham get hit from behind me where someone just spawned lol. I think the multiplayer makes a person become more of a corner camper (which I dont think is a bad thing) and a run and gunner ( kill as many as you can before someone takes you out from a lucky spawn). Camping is part of real war....I would if I was real war, they call it an ambush well I still will enjoy this game even with its multiplayer faults, I cant wait for a patch, HOPE ITS AN AWESOME PATCH GUYS! I wanted to ask if there are any servers/clans/teams out there that anyone could suggest for both DM and the other gameplay style. I am an avid ANTIHack activist and believe everyone deserves a fair and balanced playing field. Hackers/Cheaters ruin gaming, in more ways than one. Well that being said anyone suggest any for me, I would greatly appreciate it..thank you.
  4. Camping is part of online gaming, I dont pay attention to anyone calling names etc..onscreen. They should be watching there corners better and playing more tactical. Play how you want to play and dont let anyone tell you different.
  5. I dont think the demo gives a person the real feel at just how great this game is and will be better in the future. If I had decided just from the demo I would have never played this great game. Like anyother game you need to give yourself time to get used to it. It is well worth keeping this game, dont return it is my advice.
  6. I cant wait to see the MP side get patched up and TDM etc.. I will definately be buying the next G.R.A.W, Great story. Very challenging tactical gameplay for a thinking person gamer. I dont care what other haters are saying, this game has kicked up FPS to another level.
  7. This looks very fishy to me also. Im not calling anyone a hack but cmon, lets get realistic here.
  8. I agree, I have never played a ghost recon game before this one because I like fps games, that being said I LOVE THIS GAME! It will only get better and this game is raising the bar for fps play. (even in its glitchy state) Patch Patch Patch this game so we can see the total potential that it will have.
  9. I have found online that if I stay in the smaller servers 12-15 people max I have a great time...unless someone is hacking. I think this game has raised the bar on fps...even with all the problems I hope they patch this game and make it the best it can be. I have never really played a ghost game before this because of the third person thing but this game has me hooked. Keep patching this puppy and show its true potential.
  10. Anything I can do to help exterminate as many hacker/cheaters count me in. I'm really growing to love this game more and more the farther I get into SP and all hackers do is ruin games for everyone.
  11. I think this game is on the cutting edge and puts all else to shame. I am not saying it doesnt have problems which will hopefully be fixed. Sorry you cant have my game!
  12. Nice tips, im gonna try the shadow things thanks. tweakguides.com has some good suggestions also. Anyone know if there is a GRAW walkthrough guide out yet? (might be a noob question) Instead of you might be a redneck jokes...you might be a noob if you ask for a game walkthrough guide
  13. I love the sound, but you can hear people through walls etc...the bullets and explosions are the most real ive ever heard. I also noticed feet sticking out of walls lol so many kills that way
  14. What screen resolution do you play in? Oops sorry - 1280 x 1024- 85 hertz I tried running 1280x1024 60 hertz but I got a big fps jump by going down in resolution. Im getting about 50 fps avg now.
  15. Hi I just bought GRAW and I really enjoy it. I was wondering what people have been getting for fps in multiplayer. I have a 3.4Ghz , 7800GT, 2GB Ram on the recommended video settings I get around 35-45 fps. This game will take some getting used to but I like it so far, wow what a challenge. Multiplayer has been frustrating because you get spawn raped so badly by campers (in deathmatch) but hopefully with time and practice I will get better. thanks for any replies I have never played GR games, this is my first ...so I think this game could be very great for what it is. I believe you have to take each game and judge it on its own. Kill them all and let GOD sort them out!
  16. Looks sweet! They release it early or something?
  17. I believe its all due to marketing and not wanting to hurt the sales of the consoles.
  18. Words cant describe....all I can say is wow. This I believe will make Bf2 a thing of the past for alot of people.
  19. LoL, yea sometimes the arty in battlefield 2 just ruins the gameplay...especially with the commander mode (they can see you). Anyways I hope they do it right if it is included in gameplay.
  20. So is it true that you do not see your weapons as in call of duty style? or does it look like call of duty first person shooter? Do you see the weapons you are using on the HUD or just a crosshair?
  21. Hi all i am a noob to Ghost recon games...I am a big pc gamer though. I was wondering if the game ghost recon 2 will be playable in first person shooter? I really only enjoy first person shooters. CoD, CoDUO, UT2K4, FarCry, Half-Life 2 etc. Any help would be appreciated thank you.
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