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  1. Quality over quantity, my friend. I'd much rather have fewer servers that run limited spawns (among other things) than thousands of servers I will never play on because they have unlimited spawns and the like.

    Well you will have your wish then because there are only a dozen servers at the most with people on them..lol

    This games MP is dead...

    That's a rather childish response. The game is 'dead' if people disagree with you?

    Unlimited spawns are for arcade games, not tactical shooters. The ONLY tac shooter that I've ever see use spawns in an effective manner is Red Orchestra and that's because the game mechanics are designed around it. This one is not.

    You can call me whatever names you like, in a month if people dont start easing up on the max deaths and spawns this game will have fewer players on it that it already does. If you dont mind having half a dozen or so servers with 5-15 people on them to choose from, more power to you. Dont preach to me about this game, its new and so is everyone playing it. If peoples thinking about this game doesnt change, it will be a coffee coaster to many "it already is". This is not [GR] ....

    Go online right now and look at the pityfull ammount of servers with people on them. Its a shame because this game is good, it deserves better. People like you have killed this game and the Ghost Recon games all together because you wont change your way of thinking. Grin didnt make this game like [GR] because its a step in a different direction. Grin sees that a game unless dumbed down to a certain extent will not survive for very long.

    Again GRAW mp if not dead is on its death bed unless people start changing the way they think and live in the past about this game.

    You talk about arcade type games like GRAW isnt one?! Oh its not arcade style of play ...thats why most of the veterans of this community are gone. lol Just because you may have played [GR] ...dont be a snob to new ideas. Stop trying to make this game into [GR] because it isnt even close or else this community wouldnt have lost sooo many veteran players of this series and also why this community isnt attracting anymore newblood.

    Grin/Ubi make games to sell games not because of a small community that wants to live in the past and have another [GR] to play with better graphics.

    This community could attract some new blood "which it needs" if you hardcore so called "SIM TACTICAL" players would lighten up abit.

  2. Ghost Squad Server is set for infinate for right now i like to let people play..

    As you can see they like it to....

    Thank God!!! Let people play! Lighten up on the max deaths already and this game will probably survive online, without it it is doomed im afraid.

  3. Ok lets start off by saying i'm new to Tom Clancy games, ive come from CoD series, MoH series, SWAT 4. This is how I see it as a noob to this game.

    I love the Singleplayer game. The MP leaves something to be desired and as I see it will not survive long without some major changes.

    1. This game will be forgotten if you dont dumb down and lighten up on the server settings. 2 deaths then game over is not fun. But you will say, we like it like this...well most people dont and this community has already lost alot of its veteran players.

    2. There is a reason CoD2 has thousands of servers busy 24/7 because its fun! This game is not a SIM, if I want reality id go back over to IRAQ.

    3. Server owners take control of your server settings and lengthen spawn protection and max deaths...no one will sit and wait for 6-10 minutes after being spawn raped for the next round. Kids and noobs are essential to making an online game popular and busy 24/7.

    4. GRIN ... I totally want to congratulate you on making a ground breaking game...I havent been this addicted to a game since CoD first came out, and I havent had strong feelings about a game like this since either. Larger maps, urban,jungle,woodland etc.. and SPAWN POINTS are key to making a game that is popular and will survive online in MP

    I have stated that this game has raised the bar on FPS, keep tweeking it and please people...for the sake of this game lighten up on the server SIM like settings, this isnt real life its a game, have fun.


  4. Map size, Spawn points, Spawn Protection are CRITICAL to a good/great FPS/Tactical FPS why dont creators of these games see that...its as plain as the nose on your faces.

    You have you hardcore [GR] people then your people that have never played [GR], GRAW will die online if you dont realize this isnt [GR]. Give the player the things mentioned above and you will have a hit for MP.

  5. Can you at least agree on the fact that the maps are small? If you can, then you understand where I'm coming from. If you disagree with me that the maps are small, then it means that you like CQB style of gaming.

    I'm personally into the more heavy tactical game style of slueth, picking off targets, and then making my way to the achievable goal.

    HH, TDM, DM and DOM, there is a tiny bit of tactical to it. Co-Ops become predictible as you know what to expect next because you've played them so many times.

    HH can be heavily tatical if maps were not so small as they currently are. maps large enough that you can literally flank the other team, you cannot see into the spawn.

    I'm getting to the point that I may have to start drawing crayon pictures for people to understand what I'm trying so hard to explain to you.

    Invulnerability is fine... But, isn't this game a Tactical FPS? The maps are truly too small to pull off any serious tactics.

    Again, I hope the cartographers understand what I'm attempting to explain.

    I agree, the maps are small and the max limit of players on these small maps is too large.

    30 or so people running around on these small maps = no fun.

    I find if I play on a server that has 10 or so people its great...other than that its spawn rape city.

  6. My feelings are, [GR] this is not. Set up your servers to be like that old game and it will help bring about the death of GRAW online.

    I am not saying get rid of the tactics..or change it to run and gun totally but people just want to get online and kill others and have fun, without being punished for dying 5 times and not having a respawn.

    Nowadays no one wants to get owned and have to sit and wait for the next game to start...not many people will stick around for that.

  7. Set the server to 7 sec invulnerability. They'll be surprized when they can't kill you and you waste them for spawn raping.

    It's up to the server admins to enforce this.

    I agree 100%, this game has so many options, its up to the server owners to set them up for what they like and to help take away spawn raping and what not...

    Server owners/Admins take control of your servers and help get rid of spawn raping etc..

    I might just start a server of my own for this game I like it so much, but I would dumb down the no spawn after so many deaths etc...this game needs to attract more players online or it will be done...forever.

    [GR] this is not...lighten up on the max death no respawn, people just want to get online and kill others no matter if your a noob or a experienced player.

  8. With release of the next patch so close at hand I've decided to not host coop or join any servers until said patch has arrived. Hopefully that day will be today! It is a Wednesday after all. If not, I'll just have to find something else to do with my gaming time. I've reached my CTD limit with GRAW. Can't wait to try out the new patch. Hopefully it will bring some needed stability to the game, at least regarding coop anyway.

    I hope this patch breathes some life into MP GRAW...its a great game! I want to be able to go on the server browser and find as many active servers as CoD2! 24/7

    *crosses fingers* pleeease be a great patch lol!

  9. ' date='Aug 1 2006, 04:26 PM' post='405061']

    The tension comes from people voicing their concerns, problems, gripes, etc....and getting kicked in the head over and over for it by those who think things are just peachy.

    As an outsider (I never played [GR]) I think the tension is so thick because it seemed as though every thread was hijacked by a discontent [GR] fan. Admittedly, it does not seem as bad now as when I first joined these forums a few short weeks ago.

    Here's an example:

    OP: How do you use the "cover" command?

    Reply: Check the manual. Oh, it's not in the manual because this game sux.

    So, the replies were not always constructive, and often invited hostility.

    EDIT: Not that [GR] fans did not have anything to gripe about, or the right to gripe.

    I'm glad I never played [GR]....I can enjoy G.R.A.W in peace then :P

    *folds hands,gets on knees,prays to GOD that the upcoming patch will bring about more people/servers to play MP on*

  10. SURE! I would love it if they added this feature in. Then I could hear enemies even better running all over the map.

    Even if they added the feature my keybinds would stay the same. Alot of this game is sound/listening and when you run etc...you make alot of noise hence you are easier to track.

    You can tell the new players from the experienced ones, because they arent trying to run and gun this game.

    It is a pain, but unless they make a tactical run that doesnt make noise, ill keep my keys the same.

    I have learned my lesson early im a noob to tom clancy games. If I want to run all the time I play CoD2.

  11. You can still respect someone, but you don't have to respect their point of view. But to say that you flat out don't respect someone? That's pure hatred.

    I would not be surprised if this thread gets locked.

    It's more obvious why it is tense around here is not only due to a lack of patience, it's a lack for respect amongst some of the people who visit here.

    I'm :offtopic:, but I doubt the admins will allow what's going on here much longer.

    Respect on the internet?! A new concept to most...

  12. You have to respect your janitors. If you don't, they'll play nasty pranks on you. Little things at first, like not filling the soap or TP in the bathroom....followed by "forgetting" to empty your garbage....to the massive build up of turning the plumbing off for the bathrooms without telling the staff right before quitting. Sometimes I miss being a janitor.

    Seriously though, I loved the GRAW SP. The only thing that bugged the hell out of me was the fuzzy hud in missions like Mayday! Mayday! I mean, unless I'm using the tac map or night vision, why is my vision fuzzy? Do I have special optical implants or something?

    I can see where not giving the janitor props would could really come back to bite ya in the @#4. lol :whistle:

    I just took it for granted that the fuzzy hud was from bad communication links etc...to your visor...

    I really loved how the lighting worked..in and out of shadows etc.. very realistic.

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