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  1. I have the X800pro VIVO, and I'm getting good FPS at 1280x1024, with mostly everything on high (except shadows). 3200+ 1 gig RAM
  2. Maybe this screenshot isn't new, but either way it looks like the start of the game is going to be awesome.
  3. Are you sure that isn't from a the car's tire tracks or something?
  4. I'm pretty sure that in the GR.net report Colin discusses that you are able to run in a couple stances, and it is always a "weapon lowered" run. I assume that if running is weapons down, you definitely can't run while using a scope.
  5. I was kidding. Maybe I will write a heads up on the bottom next time for people like you.
  6. The plane needs to fly low enough to see the hand signals from your men so they know where to drop the bombs
  7. Actually they could make the medic more realistic. Think of it this way. What if everytime you were killed from a certain wound in GR you would die by the same wound in GR2 as well, but everytime you are wounded in GR2 like you could be in GR you need quick medical attention like a bandage rather than just keep walking like in GR. So basically what I am saying (that probably made little to no sense) is that it could be just like GR just that for everytime you were wounded in GR you fall to the ground and need to wait for a teammate instead in GR2. This would be more realistic because atleast the team is partly out of commission for a short period of time rather than the guy getting shot and not even falling down. Also, this situation could make for some interesting multiplayer scenarios. Help the fallen man or no? Just like the town/sniper scene in Saving Private Ryan. Sorry if that made no sense.
  8. People are jumping to "Run & Gun". I'm sure it won't be like this. In the demo they had God mode on, and they were running full speed in order to show off a whole level in the short time they have to present to people. They aren't going to sneak around, die, and constantly be quick loading. GR2 isn't the only game most of the big time guests came to see. They might spend 10 minutes max at each xbox game. That's why they need to see everything that GR2 is able to do, quickly. Also, people say run and gun, but it's almost identical to the original GR. When the player in the demo went to shoot did you notice that he still had to stop running every time just like in the original? I just loaded up a GR1 map, and ran through it with superman on. It looked almost the same as the GR2 demo (speed wise).
  9. People don't like sniping as it is. A rifleman can almost always win even at the farthest distance. Adding skill things in will just make it worse. I think atleast these 3 things are needed. 1) Better camo. That's pretty obvious. 2) Less fog. The scope with the SA80 or the OICW is basically all you need for the distance you can see in GR. The sniper scope hardly helps. 3) Nerf the accuracy of assault rifles at long distances, or make less of a zoom. If this happened, then I can definitely understand the whole wind/distance factors. Plus, maybe being a sniper would be a huge advantage, but the only way to be an advantage would be to practice a lot. Many people would skip right to the assault rifles.
  10. Well the nv in Raven-Shield was pretty reactant to light. You definitely can't use it during the day (remember earlier versions of GR using it to see farther?)
  11. Do you guys think that people will still glow in the dark? I kinda liked Raven-Shield's nightvision, but there was no use for it. If that nv was in the first GR, I think it would have been much more of a challenge.
  12. ...Just imagine playing embassy with some guy driving 50mph at you Operation Flashpoint style...
  13. Operation Stabalise has a sniper kit with a suppressed M4 and a pretty decent scope. You still get the guille (sp?) suit.
  14. Yeah, the rotation happened to me too. I saw it once before in a match. I think it only happens every once in a great while, but it may occur more frequently with this mod. It isn't a big deal.
  15. Dempsey A good Irish name if you want to fade away from the typical O' names.
  16. I think it's because when we think of BHD we think of individual soldiers. We've all heard the names. Iraq and Afghanistan are different because you're dealing with a huge army. Unless you personally knew someone who died, it doesn't have as much of an impact because it isn't very personal. If Jessica Lynch died and someone did a mod, that might be different...(that is an example. I'm not saying a Lynch mod is possible)*
  17. Coheed and Cambria : Second Stage Turbine Blade
  18. Definitely Clear and Present Danger. It would make a great campaign, and you already have plenty of high quality things to work with.
  19. Thanks Rebar. Exactly what I was looking for.
  20. Hey. Just a quick question. I would like to get WOI Eastern Front, but do not have any of the WOI downloads yet. What should I install and in what order? Thanks
  21. I think you should add a new game mode of football!!!! Or atleast dodge some obsticles
  22. Try other forums like the platoon or a couple other GR sites.
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