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  1. Ran into the same problem. It's the 8th mission, SF10-Liquid Diamond. I'm using SF v1.4.4 and after being ordered by the UN commander to assemble in the camp, nothing happens. I've replayed it several times. No extraction zone shown and no further instructions from the UN cmdr. This is a good mod up to this point. IP
  2. >> But still its a classic weapon (M16A2/M203) to use. << As long as you keep it clean. To be honest, out in the boonies, I'd prefer to have the Russian AK, which I think is a true classic and arguably the best assault rifle ever made. It's an icon. IP
  3. I'll have to agree. Unfortunately, my experience with CO2 only extends to Mission 2, Elysian Fields. I can't survive it. It's sort of like shooting fish in a barrel except you are the fish. I could use some hints. IP
  4. It's a good weapon but because you have to reload after each grenade launch makes the autoloading GL of the OICW a superior weapon. The difference in lethality between 20mm and 40 mm grenades isn't that great when you can pump out 2 to 3 times the firepower in the time it takes to reload another grenade in the M203. IP
  5. Your choices pretty much mirror my own. I use my sniper quite a bit and I like silenced weapons such as the SR25SD and the M21SD but I'll pretty much use any 7.62 Mod semi-auto, silenced, with a 20 round mag and a scope and on some missions I'll equip everyone with silenced weapons. I only used the M82 once in Operation Stabilise in the Severed Sustenance mission where you have to quickly wipe out a tank park. I found the M-82 sniper with AP ammo provided one shot kills. A bit unrealistic against a T80 but hey, it's only a game. IP
  6. I found that only the first half of HL1 is good. Once you leave earth and start to plod around in the alien worlds, it goes downhill fast IMO. How did Deus Ex 1 do? I've found DX1 to be one of the best games I've ever played. IP
  7. I just don't have the patience to be a true sniper, (crawling like a tortoise from shadow to shadow). Once I got the intel, I was glad to get back my license to kill. However, you've posed a challenge, Azza. I just might try that using the specialist sniper "praetorian" who has the highest stealth rating. Maybe I won't get a MOH, but it sounds like fun. I will, of course, take along my trusty silenced hunting rifle, the M-21 SD, just in case I screw the pooch and have to shoot my out of Dodge. Too bad about that 10th mission though; it was a rough day at the office even with OICWs and I wou
  8. I also ran into the missing 3rd tank on the last mission so it can't be completed. Good thing it was the last mission. All in all, Free Russia is a good campaign though; you can even get a MOH ( a first for me ) if you survive the tricky 5th mission as a lone sniper. IP
  9. G-Man, I just d/l Canadian Operatives 2 and it is sweet. I have some questions though so perhaps you'd like to start a new thread. My problem is the second mission. You are choppered in to the GR Stone Bell (mission 3) map. Your mission is to protect an officer carrying a suitcase nuke from attack. You are dropped into a hornet's nest of activity.....outnumbered, with limited ammo and weapons. (It seems that your weapons choice is pre-programmed). Anyway, even tagging some tangos on the ride in ( shades of Vietcong) you are surrounded and you soon find yourself out of ammo and quickly out o
  10. Well, I think the sensors are fubar. I'll carry grenades instead. I've played most of your sites recommended mods, FB, FL, PFP and SPR and they are superb. I just downloaded WOI and it's just as intense. I've played the first mission and it's a trip back in time and what a trip it is! The attention to detail is simply amazing. All the sights and sounds of WW II. I must admit, GR has got to be one of the greatest FPS ever! IP
  11. Thanks, Stalker, but don't tangos show up on the CM anyway when the threat indicator turns red? Too bad it doesn't give you an audible signal. It would've been a nice touch, especially in the large arenas with tango entry points in the rear where they could be very useful as an electronic sentry, which is how they should be used. A perfect example is GR mission 4, Black Needle, where you need to secure a crossroad at a bridge. I always thought this was an impossible mission using my sniper crawling towards the UN position until I realized I was getting shot in the back! I did use sensors there
  12. G-man, Sorry to bug you again, but how do the sensors work? I was playing an original GR campaign mission, M11-Dream Knife, and I dropped a sensor right in the path of the patrolling tangos. I watched as they walked over it and nothing happened!! I even took a screen shot after dropping them as they lay within sight of the sensor. Is this a bug? IP
  13. Jack, I just finished Saving Pilot Ryan and want to thank you for the superb job you've done. It's a gem! Have a Merry Christmas! Cheers, IP
  14. G-man, I just finished SPR and it is a gem! Congrats to Jack for a real winner! Intense and full of surprises, I was constantly challenged, especially in mission 2 where the fighting was so intense I was praying for the mission to end. I was also pleased with the 2 part rescue mission. It reminded me of Deus Ex and Half-Life, two of my favorites besides GR, of course. IP
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