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  1. Hi Fox, thats right on about the invincibilty thing, guess that's better after you secure the hostages or with SAR missions Can the player see a hostage that's set on invisibility? (Haven't used it much) Wwoody
  2. I know what you mean adamoneil, if your enemies are guarding the hostages and they are fired upon, they will shoot the hostages. I only had success with 3 approaches: 1) Realize this is probable very realistic behavior on the part of the enemy AI and incorporate it into the mission. 2) Face the enemy guards away from your hostages, thus allowing the Ghosts more time to eliminate the guards 3)Seperate the guards an the hostages by a room, wall, big rock, tree ect. 4 (Oops 1 more ) Make the hostages invincible, There is probable a way to play with the AI of the guards thru scripting but, I am not familiar with it. I do know that normaly Enemy AI will shoot hostages when a threat is detected. Wwoody
  3. Thanks for the replies all. It must be just the nature of the beast..........Oh well, had to ask or it would have drove me nuts. I least I know I'm not the only one who's had the frustration of seeing the infamous "all your team has died" signal. Maybe just too much scripting for the game engine to handle a "reload" in the midst of a complicated mission? Makes sense, Wwoody
  4. I have downloaded many fine mods on the net, but every once in a while I'm playing one(SP mode) and things are goin' along fine. I get into a hairy spot in the mission so's I do a quick save and yep! Sure enough, my favorite player gets killed so I quick load and........ CTD !? I read somewhere that some modders set-up there missions that way to make them more difficult. Well it definitely works! Question 1) Has anyone else out there expierienced this phenomena? Question 2) What really does cause the CTD in these missions? Question 3) Can it be "changed" in IGOR so's not to do that? (Please do not take offense if you make missions this way, it's just that I may NEVER complete any of these missions and be forced to move with a "autowin" God forbid!) I suspect this may be a trade secret that can't be traded, but if it can, PLease HELP!! Wwoody
  5. Not sure where you are teleporting FROM. (what zone) But things look pretty good But try perhaps a different trigger like: 1)time elapsed (set at 2 or 3 seconds) 2) or set up a timer and have it expire at 2 or 3 seconds. Play with the time a little and see what happens. Also you can try changing the order of your responses and see if that helps. I am finding that IGOR can be very fussy at times so you kind of need to experiment a little until you get the desired effect. I find that adding a little "space" with timers sometimes helps the responses work a little better. Good luck, Wwoody
  6. It's hard to say without seeing the script summary what's wrong, but: 1) make sure the zones you are transporting actors from and to are completely different zones. Due to the "random" scripting it's possible your "transport to zone"and "transport from zone" can occasionally be the same zones!? (Thus causing the effect you refer to.) Post your script if you get a chance . Wwoody
  7. Here's something that worked for me in a recent mission I started: 1)Decide which "actors" you want to use for your allies. 2)Set up an actor file in the mod you are creating. 3)Activate your mod 4)Now open Igor, but with NO mission file loaded. 5)Open up the "actor editor" and load one of the actors you decided on in step 1 6) Adjust the "stats" and save under a different name in the "actor file" of your mod. (step 2) do this for each allie you want to use. 7) place "your" new actors in the mission ( they should behave much "smarter" now when encountering enemy forces) Wwoody
  8. Check out my post on Ghostaholics: http://www.ghostaholic.com/forums.php?m=po...8d460227#bottom Wwoody
  9. Have you tried uninstalling GR.. then defrag... then reinstalling? This has helped me in the past. (Not with Igor , but other apps.) Wwoody
  10. Nice tough mission, keep up the good work wwoody
  11. I'm thinking that you need to set up a 2 zones somewhere near the Enemy team. The first zone would act as a "trigger zone" As the enemy team enters the zone via a "path" plan this would initiate a "trigger" using "proximity plattoon" , with the platoon being your enemy team. The second zone would be the "telaport zone" As the enemy enters the "trigger zone" the following responses would occur: Telaport plattoon (being PlayerPlatoon or the "Ghosts") to telaport zone. (Make sure the zones aren't too close or facing each other or it will be like spawn killing) Another possible "trigger" could be "actor fired" and choosing an actor from the enemy team, for the "actor fired" Although the enemy actor would have to be scripted to fire through a probable a timer trigger due to the fact that there would be no threat until the Ghosts arrive. (Meaning more scripting) The two zone approach would be the simplest and better way. Hope this gives you some ideas as to how to start. This only one way of probable many to achieve the desired goal. Experiment until you like what you get Wwoody
  12. Now have the trial Photoshop and my Briefing maps are awesome (if I say so myself.) Made 5 of em' in about 5 minutes and they work, imagine that!? Anyone need a map? PM me !! (but only for the next 30 days har, har) Thanks all! wwoody
  13. Too cool!! I'll get right on it! Thanks, deleyt! Wwoody
  14. I am working on a Mod that includes mission in Post WW III midwestern U.S. Would anyone be able make-up a briefing map of the American Midwest? I know I could just leave that screen blank, but I like the authentic "feel" of the briefing map. (Don't have, nor can afford Photoshop at this time) Thanks Wwoody
  15. I don't quite follow you. Do you want to have the actors transport from the your "vehicle trigger zone" to another zone, or... Do you want the actors to enter the vehicle and have the vehicle transport them to the zone? (most likely requiring some trigger plans) If you can tell me exactly want you want to do I can help you. I've been working on the same types of missions. wwoody
  16. Thanks San, for the tip on the lighting tool. I will search that out and see what I can do with it. Here's what I have so far for my .env file: Caves/map Near range = 1 Far range= 40 Layer range = 90 Layer height = 20 Fog enabled with color set at black Sky "checked" with m02_farm.pob It looks pretty good but there are areas that seem pretty bright, still it should be ok Question modder, about the file structure: Got files set up like you said and it works, can I name the env. file itself anything as long as I link it through the "edit map" screen? What I did was open the origanal caves .env , edit it and save it by the origanal name in my mod/map/m01_caves file. It works in my new mission but when "mymod" is activated it changes the origanal caves mission to night also! Thanks all, Wwoody
  17. Didn't know about the fog thing. Will that work in all the maps? I've got the skybox part working now. Will play with the fog and see what happens. Thanks, Wwoody
  18. I have a new mod started, but when I load my env. file into the map editer and save, it crashes Igor. I copied my file into the orig miss - cave map-folder it works, but that means no one else can use it unless I copy the whole map folder to my mod? That don't seem right? Also the dusk skybox still doesn't change the caves map from day to night!! Just want to change the caves map to a night enviroment?
  19. I wasn't sure whether to post this question in "mission modding" or "map modding". But since it deals with maps, I chose to post it here. I am new at mission modding and I am currently building a mod. What I would like to do is change the "caves" map to a night enviroment using Igor. Page 127 of the "Igor guide" talks about the "Enviroment File Editor" and makes it seem simple to change a skybox setting and create a new env. file for each condition. Well, I made a new Env. for caves using a "dusk_skybox.pob" for the skybox. I can save the file, but when I try to load it in the map edit screen and save the mission, Igor crashes!? Can anyone out here tell me where I'm going wrong? Perhaps it's as simple as where I save my env. file in relationship to the map? Does the env. file need to be in the same folder as the origanal map? All I want to do is change the "caves" map from a day enviroment to a night one. Even a link to a tutorial or a step by step method that someone uses? Thanks wwoody
  20. A rifleman would be the most appropriate (I guess) for "realism" the mission. But, on second thought, a sniper skin would allow me to use more appropriate weapons. Like bolt action scoped weapons included in the standard mission packs. Maybe both, if it's not too much trouble. Thanks for your responses. Wwoody
  21. I have an idea for some missions that require "Blaze Orange" skins. as follows: Mission 1: The ghosts are on R & R deer hunting when some fanatics from PETA attack them and they have to defend themselves. What I need: A mod with some blaze orange uniforms(with backtags) for the Ghosts Mission 2: The Ghosts are on maneuvers , training and they accidentally trespass unto someones land. Their are attacked by a group of hunters and must defend themselves. What I need: A mod with the files needed to create some tangos in blaze orange and what would be really sweet would be an actor that is Game warden. Complete with a badge and a big "Smokie the Bear" hat, holster ect.. I live in Wisconsin and me and my buddies would really have fun as they are all big hunters. I can't afford the software required to make skins and it probable take me forever to figure it out. I know I ask a lot, but maybe someone out there likes to doodle with skins and would help out a good boy from the midwest. I will gladly share any missions I create using the skins. Thanks WWoody / MW
  22. Went to "El Oso's Lair" last night and sent him an e-mail via the contact # on the site, requesting to use his APC. Thanks wwoody23
  23. Thanks for the rapid replies! There is much wisdom on the WWW Will experiment with your ideas in my missions wwoody23
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