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  1. 10:00 hours on a Saturday? I will be fast asleep.
  2. I should be able to do both. 19.00 CST is 20.00 EST?
  3. Good games, except for some unfortunate friendly fire. . .
  4. Can't connect to the server.
  5. Cool. If I can get all the times straight, I will be there.
  6. So, is that a definite maybe for 23:00 EST on Saturday?
  7. Say, this coming Saturday, 18:00 EST?
  8. The machines are getting smarter. . .
  9. Anyone care to help me here? Been playing GR for two years, but haven't done MP. Looking to start MP, but I don't know where to begin – I will suck badly at first, I'm sure. Anyone know a server I can start out on? Anyone want to explain terminology: what is glitching? Anyone have some general pointers/info/etc?
  10. On Zebra Straw, having failed to knock out the three tangos near the BMP with the AT launcher, I am crouching behind the low wall which surrounds the church, aiming an M136 at the BMP. It's firing at me, so I don't want to stand up and get hit. I don't get quite enough elevation and clip the edge of the wall with the AT round. BOOM. Done that a few times.
  11. Yeah, but whoever did it seems to have taken the time to do some research and talk to various special forces members. I wouldn't think it's less accurate than anything else we will find on the web, and it's just fine for GR purposes.
  12. Thanks for the conversion. I've actually installed Virtual PC on my machine to grab mods packaged as .exe files.
  13. As promised: This is a well-researched breakdown of various U.S. Special Forces teams. According to it: Each Team consists of 30 Officers and 181 enlisted men, with a headquarters and 14 platoons of two officers and 12 enlisted each. Each platoon is further divided into 2 squads of one officer and seven enlisted men.) The author lists a SEAL platoon as 14 men, while my reading has said 17 men. I can not explain the discrepency.
  14. Good info here. Note that SEAL Team Six has been officially disbanded and replaced with DevGru ("Development Group"). Also found this: With the reallignment of WarCom under NSW21 implemented by RADM Olson, the SEAL teams lost their geographic AOR(i.e. ST2=Europe, ST3=middle east, and so forth). Now the teams work on a rotation. Each team has six platoons. The SEAL team's platoons along with an SDV task unit, special boat support, and assorted logistics units will now deploy together. One of these combined NSW task forces from each coast will be deployed every six months, following an eighteen month work. Instead of each team focusing on a specific area, now each team will have a couple of platoons that handle each AOR. It is in it's birthing phase right now so they are ironing out some of the kinks. The third deployment rotation is about to occur soon. I have another, great link at home which I will post later today. For the record a SEAL platoon is fifteen men, a commander (1IC) and a second in command (2IC) for a total of seventeen men. There is no set size on a boat team – it is simply the number of men needed to get the job done. The smallest SEAL unit would be a two men shooting pair, as SEALS (and other special forces soldiers) never operate alone.
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