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  1. I recently worked with an very, very pretty ex-Israeli Air Force intel officer. She could talk the ears off a donkey. . .
  2. http://www.audiobooksforfree.com/kalashnikov/Ak-mp3.asp
  3. I would never go back to a CRT now. The lack of glare on LCDs makes all those hours in Photoshop or Quark much more bearable. I have always found Sony's LCDs to be a little washed out, colorwise, but that's a personal thing.
  4. The first guy standing has unit insignia on his arm. Far as I know (which isn't saying much) SEALs carry no mark of unit or rank on their cammies.
  5. Depends on how big the person is, how close the shooter is, how the person is standing, etc.
  6. Is this board 'don't ask, don't tell'?
  7. Maybe a new contest is on order: the worst system which runs GR wins a free copy of GR2.
  8. Don't feel too bad – I'm about three weeks away from a brand new machine. I've played a little on much better systems and always had the same reaction: wow, this game looks good!
  9. We all know there are people out there playing GR on dual 3 GHz machines with 19 GB of RAM and seventeen 23 inch monitors. I hate them. I run GR on a five year old laptop with 8 MB of VRAM (yes, eight) and a 14.1 in screen. Don't have to tell you that all the graphics settings are set to the lowest level available and that the machine lags if there are too many actors on the screen. Ah, poverty. . . Can anyone out-cheese me? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?
  10. In the future, no one shoots in a straight line!
  11. There's a reason that's the most dangerous place in the world to work.
  12. I think I just got gun wood.
  13. Navy SEALs was written by a real ex-SEAL (Chuck Pfarrer) who was an assualt element leader in SEAL Six for three years. The movie is obviously tounge-in-cheek, but there are parts of it which are drawn from his real life. He was in Beirut in '82, and one of the characters uses one of his actual call signs (Bad Karma). Pfarrer has also written an excellent book about being a SEAL called Warrior Soul.
  14. Pfarrer


    This comes from a TV show here in the states called That 70's Show. When someone pulls a practical joke on someone, or finds out something and lets everyone know, it's a burn. ← "Burn" predates That '70s Show – it's just American slang. We were saying it in the mid-80s. Obligatory 'Laura Prepon is way hot' comment.
  15. Damnit, ya beat me to it. My GI Joe DEVGRU team just finished briefing!
  16. Seems you meant 22:00 hours, not 10:00 hours.
  17. I have VPC, too, and I may try this. I am also going to see if I can figure out how to make it work.
  18. So how are people able to modify .rsb files so they display well on Macs?
  19. I've downloaded the RSB plugins and installed them in my plugins, folder, but can't get the option to open the .rsb files. Looking at the filters in the plugins file, they are packages, while the plugins I downloaded are files. Anyone know a way to make them work in Photoshop CS and OS X?
  20. From what I've read, the rifle has been very impressive in all the testing.
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