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  1. Far as I know, this is the largest one day loss in the history of the teams. Four members of SEAL Team Six were lost in the Panama invasion, but that was from drowning in rough seas. A loss like this is unprecedented and underscores, for me, how hard the fighting in Afghanistan can be.
  2. :THE first sign of trouble was a radio message requesting immediate extraction. A four-man team of US Navy Seal commandos had run into heavy enemy fire on a remote, thickly forested trail in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan. Trouble turned to disaster when a US special forces helicopter carrying 16 men was shot down as it landed at the scene, killing all on board. Almost two weeks later, a mission that led to the worst US combat losses in Afghanistan since the invasion in 2001 has turned into an extraordinary manhunt. It has also opened an intriguing new front in the coalition’s battle against terrorism. The story of Operation Red Wing, a US-led search for Taliban and Al-Qaeda guerrillas in the mountain wilderness of Kunar province, contains remarkable human drama and an unresolved military mystery. For five days amid the hostile peaks and ravines along Afghanistan’s border with Pakistan, a lone American commando eluded the guerrillas who had killed at least two of his colleagues and destroyed the Chinook helicopter. When the unnamed Seal finally collapsed from exhaustion he was found by a friendly Afghan villager who summoned US forces. The subsequent search for his colleagues turned up two bodies and the manhunt for the fourth commando continues this weekend despite claims by Taliban guerrillas yesterday that he had been captured and beheaded. “We killed him at 11 o’clock today; we killed him using a knife and chopped off his head,†declared Abdul Latif Hakimi, a Taliban spokesman who has made several false claims in the past. Yet whatever the final death toll from the worst incident in the history of the Seals — the Sea Air Land Commandos — there were tantalising hints that the original mission had been far from routine. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/printFriendly...1688012,00.html edit: can't seem to edit the thread title. Should be "Ten SEALs dead, more missing"
  3. Awesome guys – thanks! Until Apple fixes this stupid display bug, this will let me play GR.
  4. Is this possible by mucking around with config files?
  5. Anyone else having crashes on quit with 10.4.x? I've had three in the last three days. Hangs on quit and needs a hard reboot to get it back.
  6. You might also want to add some noise to the background image to match the rendered car. The background is visibly sharper than the car.
  7. Found my desk chair in the hallway of my building. Looked brand new!
  8. Yep. Two Blackbirds, one facing in, one facing out. Now, cough up them pics of the Aurora you're sitting on!
  9. I see serious blast shields. I see cantilevered vertical stabilizers. I see black paint. Do I spy an SR-71?
  10. He has a book out, based on the series, and the series is also out on DVD. You would probably enjoy the series a lot. R. Lee is a hoot.
  11. So you're saying the U.S. should switch to tennis ball cannons?
  12. Well, I was basically repeating a post I remember from one of the other 5.56 vs 6.8 discussions, so I can't vouch for it. Just something to think about.
  13. Now if only the IRL wasn't a cure for insomnia.
  14. Two things spring to mind. There was a post in one of the earlier 5.56 vs 6.8 threads to this effect: switching over to 6.8 would be hugely, hugely expensive, not only for the U.S., which has hundreds of thousands of 5.56 weapons and billions of 5.56 rounds, but it would also throw a huge monkey wrench into NATO, which is standardized on 5.56 as the AR round. Either you have a situation where U.S. and NATO troops can't share ammo, or you have all of the NATO militaries switch over as well. Not gonna happen. Second, I think the SCAR is based on the one-rifle-many-uses concept, developed by Stoner.
  15. Damn. My Princess Leia fantasies just got a whole lot more crowded.
  16. It's been a while since I had the time. 18:00 or later? Anyone?
  17. You should get the bike you like the most. Specialized makes good bikes. You can beat on it and it will still work.
  18. For US$500 there isn't going to be much difference in component spec or frame material– it will be aluminum and low-end Shimano across the board. This isn't a bad thing, by the way, just a way of saying that, at that price range, there won't be much difference between bikes in terms of performance, weight or component spec. All of the bikes will be good for casual riding. What's more important is that you get a bike you are comfortable on and will enjoy riding. All of the companies mentioned so far are good bets. You should go to your local bike store and ride the ones you're interested in, because that's the only way to know for sure, and you should buy the one on which you feel the most comfortable. When I help my friends pick out bikes I always make sure they get saddle time on them. For the guy who posted the shots of the Stumpy: I went to college with the guys who founded Thompson components.
  19. The reason they are round is at the centre is a well, and the irrigation system spans from the centre to the edge, and rotates in a circle. ← Exactly. If you go to the irrigated parts of Israel/Egypt/Saudi Arabia you will see thousands of the things.
  20. That's exactly what I was thinking of. Read something about them recently.
  21. I thought the British already had something like this. Could've sworn I read that they were used in Northern Ireland. Sounds like the U.S. Grey Fox, or whatever they're calling it now.
  22. Can't wait to get home and try this.
  23. Markus Schulz, Global DJ Broadcast 05-04-07
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