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  1. Rescued hostage, completed mission 1, on to mission 2. Astounding work guys. I've spent about half the time just looking at the character and weapons models.
  2. Thanks much. I was waiting until the end to rescue the hostage to reduce the chances of them getting hit in a crossfire.
  3. Just downloaded Blood Oil and spent an hour or so playing the first mission: amazing work! However, I can't find the lock codes. I have killed every bad guy, searched the generators and looked in every office, every cubicle and every out building I can find, but no codes. I'd hate to autowin the first mission.
  4. Having no success with either P1 or P2: Cold Day in Hell on my machine. Both CTD after picking the team and moving to the actual mission. Running GR patched to 1.4 on a G5 running 10.5.8. [Merges with existing thread]
  5. I agree about GR's AI and about Mission HX in particular. I've been playing GR since it came out, and I've completed every mission in every original campaign and most of the community add-ons and campaigns as well. And yet when playing the Caves map on elite and using Mission HX, I think I've made it through without losing any guys only once.
  6. And I do Stone Bell in an entirely different way. And this is one of the fascinating things about GR for me: there are many ways to complete each mission.
  7. Still on a Mac. I've never been a big gamer, tho, so that lack of games doesn't bother me. Most games are too linear for me. My favorite thing about GR--and about games in a similar vein, like Deus Ex--is the playing field is completely open. GR puts you on the map, and how to accomplish the goals is completely up to you. I love that: I have to think instead of just run through a scripted maze and shoot things. I've tried some other games, like Max Payne and Prey, played them through once, and never played them again. Lately I've been flight simming with X-Plane, and I'm loving that.
  8. Strangely enough, I just started playing GR again after a many year hiatus: when GR2 and the others didn't come out for OS X, I moved on. Since I last played I have a much better machine, with a real video card, and have been enjoying the last few days of reintroducing myself to GR. I wonder how long it's been since my last post here?
  9. My dad works for a defense contractor and designs and builds helicopters. He breaks rotor blades for fun and profit on a regular basis.
  10. Hate to say it, but the gameplay looks a lot like First to Fight, which I've been playing for the last two months. While I have thoroughly enjoyed it, it's a very limited game when compared to the [Ghost Recon].
  11. Great read, great pics. The guy is really funny when he wants to be.
  12. I already have Virtual PC installed, running Windows 2000, to unpack and install mods packaged as .exe files. But I can't imagine running GR in Virtual PC. Talk about slow.
  13. That's the probably the killer, right there. MS has not, and has no plans to, make any sort of Direct X for the Mac. Unfortunately for me (and the other Mac GR gamers I know) it means that the GR franchise has lost some guaranteed income. Also probably means that as the community moves away from GR and towards GRAW, I will leave the community.
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