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  1. People in other countrys never see this kinds of pictures! If there was only a way that all of the world could see them , maybe everyone would unterstand why we are at war.
  2. YES!! It looks like the germany TV has been looking more at the bad parts of the war and only showing kids getting hurt! They are even trying to stop US plane from flying over Germany air space. I don't understand this.. We have helped them for 60 years and just look at them now...
  3. The Germanys have on there TV that the US is not doing good at all and Iraqi are winning... (Where do they come up with this stuff??)
  4. Yes they got 10 Soldiers! one laying on a bed all hurt and they are just looking at him. NO Help or Aid!!!
  5. Can you believe it!!! German TV today told everyone that the US Set the Oil Fields on fire!!! I am lost for words!
  6. To the coilition forces, may your bullets hit there targets, Good Luck!!!!!
  7. Very Good! This is a good idea. Thank's
  8. As I can see I am not the only one for this war! Life as an american over here (Germany)has become very hard. They are starting to burn the american flag on TV . I just hope when this war is over, They close ALL the US post down! We have supported the german's to long!
  9. HardRock


    That was Good , Like that one.
  10. I think 101st will take the oil fields first , then a air attack and last the big citys.
  11. he sat them down ??? Not in the old days!!! FRONT Leaning Rest Position!! and if they told him "Shut up, Drill Sergeant!" You can kiss your ass good bye. Your life becomes ######!
  12. LOOKS VERY GOOD! Where can I get it??
  13. That Did it.... Thank you...
  14. HI everyone, Anyone know how to change a drive letter? Like my E: drive to C: Not the Local Disk name.. Windows XP Home
  15. The T72 and T80 also has a V up front . The Russians have the openings alway in front of the TC. I will see if I still have my old Pictures of all the tanks.... and upload them here.. Just give me a day or two...
  16. Just got it today..... all I can say is VERY GOOD!
  17. Ghost Recon 2..... YES Better graphics! More Maps, new support for new hardware? Well It can just get better
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