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  1. Yes it works. Thanks again..
  2. Got It!! Thank You... for some reason I didn't get a email saying someone replyed to my post.... Still don't understand that Germany cut the blood and guts out...
  3. ok if you can send it to info@ghost-force.de I will get it... Thanks...
  4. I have tryed at www.geocities.com/ubighosts but only get a black screen. Is there maybe a other web site that has it??
  5. Hi All, Is there a Blood Mod or update that can be installed that will turn on the blood and the bodys? Afew of my friends have the german version of ghost recon , which there is no bodys or blood.
  6. "Well" all I can say is: All this" stuff" is not like the US stuff. All the good stuff will be taken out. M1a2 that can't shoot on the move. F15 without the computer system. It will be the stuff that we have used and is outdated. And we will not give them this stuff and the leave! We will be there for the next 20 years or so.
  7. Understand! We are a clan with only one that is 16 . The rest are from 23-41 years old. We have 10 clan users and growing. Most are ex US Army or other . I like that yall play as a team! and like good fun games! This is the way it should always be. Check out our web page (www.Ghost-Force.de) Maybe we can play afew games , Clan with Clan Let me know what your time zone is.
  8. ok thanks for the info. Looks like I will have lots to read " Hopefuly I get all this right.
  9. Can anyone let me know how I can setup a forum discussion part for my webpage? I am using Fusion 7. Is there a plugin?
  10. ok got it.. Can you give me some info about your Clan? ie... Numbers of players, Ages, From where?
  11. Good to see you back up
  12. Very Good. But one thing! alittle lighter please some of the parts are very dark.. I am going to put them on our web page www.Ghost-Force.de Keep up the Good work.
  13. Can anyone talk to him??? I know that there are players that it is not fun to play with , but if he gives up on Ghost Recon it is a Very sad Day for us all.... I liked His maps and wish he would think this over.
  14. OK where do I get these TRR Map again... the address has changed!
  15. It always seems that one person gets in the back and sets there and kills all the players as they come back! There are only afew out there that do this and that is what peaple get upset at. I will download these maps and try them out. I hope that in the next GR-2 UBI can find a fix for this problem.
  16. IF you have teams! Alot of times its all put together and everyone for themself. Respawn killing NOT Good!
  17. Maybe they should put in GR-2 a safe zone.. when you come back you are in a zone that is safe . You will have to go out of the safe zone to play again. If someone is by the safe zone the other plays can get him and then you can come out.
  18. yes... but It would be better if UBI puts the new GR on the same web room as GR-1.... That way you can go into any of the games... new or old...
  19. Thanks for the one web page. And yes it is for a different purpose... If you know or find a other site that has objects Please let me know.
  20. Anyone out there know where i can get a beret object ?? ( For lightwave) or a format that i can inport?
  21. NO... The German version is withOUT Blood and dead troops laying around! The german goverment alway has the software changed ,Blood has to be red ice or no blood . There are games that you can not buy here , Like Generals ..... That is why there is so much bootleging here!
  22. Always UBI... but there still has to be a way for it to work... I have the same problem.. two computers both with Ghost Recon. the funny thing about it is I can play computer to computer and if I open a game on ubi the other computer can go in with LAN but no one on ubi can. Has anyone talk to UBI about this problem??? I have a Netgear RP614 rounter
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