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  1. Yes Add more enemies.(in the Army we always tryed to have over lapping fire ie cross fire. it makes it hard when you are pind down from two or three sides) Also with the tank, put it somewhere where we have a very hard time to get to it.. but he can shot at us. This will make the game alot harder. In Operation Rescue don't for get about the one guy facing the wrong way. Also I tryed sending email to you... this is what i got error can't find user
  2. Hi Militiaman, After testing the 3 maps for 2 days now (7 clan members Online) this is what we have: Map one: The only problem with this map is it is to easy. It starts out ok, with all the people running around but then it lets up and there isn't anything to do but to kill afew. Map Two: This map ran good with 7 players and it was raining. We liked the sniper on the other side , it made the game harder. The pop up men by the rail tracks was very good. Map Three: At the start we seen one man by the Big door (left side ) that was facing the wrong way. Always started back at the start is a bumber! Some Mods if you win a area , you start back there. The map is very big this would help! Tanks?? Plz Also the ladys at the end ?? We just loved it!! In all we liked them ! Let me know if you have updates
  3. no Ghost-force.de is still running...(its my site) someone made a ghostforce.de site that is down right now... but ( Datei nicht gefunden ) means file not found.. but its there i checked... don't understand this one....
  4. No just don't work.. I have tryed moving the Ftp around or dropping it. Still the same. Just don't understand why it don't work??
  5. Sure. We as a clan can test it for you. Always like new maps info@ghost-force.de
  6. Rocky... do you see the User post image ??? A dum question? how do i fix it.. I have an gif and a jpg on my web page (all set to allow) but still have this problem. I figer I ask you ... Like the one that you have.
  7. Hi Rocky... with Camtastia demo... it worked but after the demo runs out and I have to do an other one... well then i will have to finger something out. ...
  8. Thanks all I was able to get it convert . I had the anim to 2.9 mb in Wmv , had to put it in avi which put it up to 18mb and then converted it to swf (9mb) . Had wished to get it alittle smaller but it seems to work ok.. check it out... www.ghost-force.de
  9. ok thanks for the help I have checked Cumtasia but there isn't any demo. I just have to keep trying.
  10. There are 12ms out now.. and they work very nice with 3d games. 500 to 1 .
  11. ok where can i get camtasia products?? is it free ?? magnumkp I have downloaded the MX demo.. but just can't aford it.. Do you have it? can you convert it for me... its only 3mb big?
  12. Hi All Can anyone out there help me in a problem that I have with my web site? I have an Anim that I would like to have on my site when it starts up. The software that I am using is fusion 7.0 that has support for flash 5 and wave (.dcr). The anim that I have is in WMV format but I need it in SWF or dcr format to use it on the web site. I have looked for a program that will convert it but haven't found one yet. anyone?????
  13. WoW.... Just like to know how they do it...
  14. Hi All, Is there anyone out there that knows how to work Flash 5 or home?? I have a web page that I am using Fusion 7.. The problem is I have a Anim that I would like to run first. Someone told me I have to run Flash to do that. I have downloaded The Flash home demo to look at , but Can't make heads or tales of it. Anyone??
  15. Well I hope they do something soon... This isn't good.. can't find anyone on UBI... Server is always full and now I hear that they don't want to make a GR-2 ... not good... Don't they see all the money they will miss.
  16. Can Anyone tell me what is going on with Ubi friends List??? There are no Friends list showen.. At first I thougt it was only me.. but 6 others that I have ask tell me they have the same problem. ANYONE KNOW ANYTHING???
  17. Thanks for sharing. Keep Up the Good work.
  18. ok Thanks will check it out and get back to you.
  19. Hi All, Anyone out there know of a Netplayer server for Ghost-recon ? My Clan wants to have a server that we all can play ghost recon on. It most have where you can put Mods on and about 15 to 20 slots.
  20. Well thanks for all the help but it looks like it is going to be very hard to do a map without 3dmax! Maybe I can find someone with max that when I get done with this big map in lightwave he can change it into a max format. It would have been nice to see ubi have a small program with the game to make maps.
  21. ok can 3d max inport a scene or objects from Lightwave? Maybe I can do the map and then have someone with 3dmax inport it , that i can use it in my mod.
  22. Well the problem is that I don't have Max just lightwave. I have looked at Max's web page and 3000+ $ just not going to cut it. My clan wants me to make a mod . I am working on it in lightwave but if it will not work with ghost recon Why didn't UBI make it that you could us other 3d programs to make maps
  23. HI all, Is there a way that i can take a Lightwave map (or Bryce map) and change it to a map that will work with ghost recon??
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