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  1. go to www. pandasoftware.com and use the free check , it will let you know then how to get it off your computer. You can also use the Virus Info to look up the virus and it will let you know everything about it and how to get it off.

  2. Yes HX5 has Stinger but the range rings are all wrong. They have an USSR sight! The IFF Antenna is missing. Stinger is fire and forget, not reload 6 times. For Tanks,,, "well" A stinger will only ###### off a Tank!

  3. Hi all,

    Got a problem with the UBI mulitplay part of Ghost Recon. I lost a partition on my HD, where GR was . Had to format and reinstall GR but the ubi .com will not install becouse it saids there an existing version of ubi.com on this computer. deinstalling it??? where??? :wall::wall:

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