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  1. I know what you mean, many plans for XGZ but finding time for them is another matter I'm good thanks, works going well, lots of travelling which is rather awesome and meant I finally got chance to visit the US before Christmas (off again this week), and got chance to meet up with BlackWidow9 as a result which was awesome
  2. Rocky I would expect nothing less from you lol, can imagine it will take some time though
  3. There will be a beta, although last I heard it was Xbox only for console... not sure what the plan is for PC
  4. Good to see Desert Siege & Island Thunder got a mention, IGN recently did an article on the Clancy games, again called a history... I only scanned the first page but up to that point they'd already missed out DS, IT and R6 Black Arrow
  5. I was refering to gameplay elements rather than language, the section we saw didnt have much language at all tbh
  6. I was at an Xbox press event recently where we got to see this in action.... gotta say I'm looking forward to it, I loved the first games but lost touch with the last one. As noted above, I also thought it had touchs of SC about it
  7. Hey guys... just to clarify that yes as you noticed it has been removed. As I said on the Ubi forums though this isnt for any dubious reasons. It shouldnt have been listed for pre order because its technically not been announced and doesnt have a release date, the fact it was listed in one region and not others was causing confusion so for the moment its been removed. I dont have any information on a PC release, at least no more than I've already said but when that changes Kimi or I will let you know
  8. You mean like Ubisoft's own "OFFICIAL UBIShop® store" announcing a download version of GR:FS PC, was never actually there, but it is, but it isn't, but it is, but it's not official, but it is...? This Ubi-double-speak is so confounding -- I'm so confused! Does this mean it will be free? That link isnt working for me but if you can provide me with a screen shot of the page showing GRFS PC I'll look into it.
  9. The problem with this sort of thing is a PC version hasnt actually been annouced as such, and certainly never a release date, so these stores never had a game to take pre orders on and certainly couldnt say it had been cancelled, you cannot cancel something which technically was never announced I know that doesnt help you guys in trying to work out whats going on, I guess my point as its always been with this and similar issues is that information from online stores is not reflective of facts. Ultimately they want pre orders, the system needs a release date to take them so they'll pick what they consider their best educated guess. I suspect whats happened in this instance is they have done just that, then after a long period of still no date and no doubt many customers requesting more information, decided its best to remove the game from its listing which would on their system at least show as a cancellation even though its not whats happened.
  10. Any inclusion or exclusion at this point is only reflective of the coming months and not the entire beta period. In short and as we've touched on in the past beta access and subsequent keys are being issued over a period of time enabling the team to gradually introduce more players and better stress test the system. As I’m sure you all understand the better they can stress test now the less issues when the time comes to fully release the game
  11. I'm looking into the issue of missing emails, and will update you all when I know more. I wouldn't expect one to drop in just yet, they really have only gone out to a very small number at this stage
  12. As explained earlier in the thread the US are not currently sending out email confirmation so this is why you've not recieved one You can't actually apply again once you are in the beta queue. And my mail service does not have a spam box. Usually all the Ubisoft mails have come through like when I've used the customer support. In which case you're application for the beta must have gone through
  13. If you're in the EU, have applied to the beta and not received an email I would suggest applying again, that of course is assuming you've already checked your spam boxes and ensured Ubisoft is a permitted email in your settings. Matt I realise 'batches' doesnt give you a date, because I cannot give you one. All I know is the keys will go out in stages over the coming months and unable to know who is in which batch/ stage.
  14. The beta keys are being released in batches over the coming months, if you've not had a key yet you're not in the current batch released. If you're in the EU you should get an email confirming you've applied, this is not currently the case for US applicants although as I understand it they are looking to change this in order to avoid on-going confusion. However for now at least anyone applying from the US will not receive email confirmation but will receive a key once the batch they are in is issued.
  15. Sorry for the delay in getting back on this guys, I'm sure you understand post E3 can be as mad as the event itself. Thanks to Theo for updating you all, I will however still be passing the info on as promised just in case any issues remain
  16. Hey Guys, sorry I haven't spotted this sooner. Can each of you please confirm if you're still without a confirmation email or any other form of confirmation your submission has been received. Also which country you're trying to enter from Thanks Lisa
  17. Try this link http://ubi.li/weYDu
  18. Thanks to everyone who took part, we hope you all had fun. A huge thanks to all of the team here at GhostRecon.net for all their hard work in making this happen
  19. Its certainly not for everyone, although its no myspace... I didnt join that either couldnt stand it. I do like facebook though, not to mention if you have friends who really are your friends but you dont want to see every update they make every 5 minutes you can just take them out of your feed so you dont get spammed by them lol
  20. You have to be logged in to view any facebook page due to age restrictions zjj
  21. for those that arent already a fan on the page here's the direct link http://www.facebook.com/#!/ghostrecon
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