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  1. are there another xm8 mods out there? i know snowfella has a good one but just want to see if anyone else has any.or some new character skins that have a lot more detail and texture compared to most of them
  2. dude no offense but im only 5'4'' and 118LBS. i can do around 65 push ups without stopping 25 pull ups benching 110lbs and dead lifts of 265lbs if ya wanna gain mass just workout constantly im 15 but short i hope that they take short people. LOL..
  3. @ Assault Reserve:- It's only humour- and it's very tame at that. As u can see we have ripped into each other as well. It's expected and normal. Esp with the Brits and Aussies....warm beer. We are all on the same side. Doesn't stop us having a bit of fun. ←
  4. are people chosen for sf or do they just join sf?
  5. notice: ENGLISH,IRISH PEOPLE MIND YOUR OWN COUNTRY'S BUISNESS!!!! dont dis our country
  6. its kinda ironic ,my dad goes hunting a few miles away from home and is gone all day.he gets home puts his shotgun in his cabinet and goes outside to see 3 deer right in front of the door.LOL
  7. i like saving private ryan,basic,hunted,we were soldiers,tears of the sun,matrix films,lotr films,brave heart......etc......lol
  8. Coca-cola is NOT candy its like the best drink in the world anyways who gives away a coke ?cause hell i wouldn't.lol he he (nobody touches the coke or else)
  9. YEAH WELL 2 MORE WORDS BROOKE BURKE mygod she is the finest woman of 'em all I personally think BROOKE BURKE is definately the sexiest,hottest,finset women in the world
  10. The larger the flash and more noise the easier an enemy can find whos shooting at him.
  11. I agree with you militiaman the navy seals get more publicity marines,d-boys,rangers,and all the other sf are just as good. the sas is also too highly thought of.
  12. OK thanks by the way the mod looks great
  13. yeah that would be pretty neat esp. on night missions.
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