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    Gaming, Sound/Light on Festivals, WWII Research (European Theater), heavy interest in Cold War but not much Knowledge yet;-), and a general openminded left-and-right-of-the-track approach. Have to admit i am german, too.

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  1. The fact that he overtly shows his political corner does not make me more confident in his propaganda. The chestbashing involved makes the whole story a bit strange, and last of all, i do not know much about the "militia" movement, but i do have problems to find anything about this Flea vehicle on google. Maybe i was just a bit cursory, maybe not. But the information on the guy and on the project are looking damn thin to me.
  2. No,man, he's definitely not. Check this ! or maybe This !. And that's the norm; not the exception. Naturally the french cannot stay behind the trend, here are some nice examples, bad photoshop and ugly cars included. StG
  3. Excuse me, but the company mentioned as producer is stated as "in Kaukolastan", and under that entry you find : "when the polution levels began to rise to astronomical new heights, Kaukolastan simply installed ionic scrubbers on the tops of buildings." "An ancient society, by human standards," "including the venerable Corsingard Archive, which has stood, in one form or another for over three millenia," As "Kaukolastan" has no CIA World Factbook entry as a country, i think we are talking SciFi here. If you follow the posts and links deep enough, you will land here
  4. Goettschwan

    Star Wars

    Thats the funniest film i've seen in a long while !
  5. Goettschwan


    Going too fast down a too steep slope. German tank troops had an accident two or three years ago in an exercise with a leopard 2 MBT. The tank actually toppled over onto his roof and smashed the turret. Sad thing.
  6. Bet those people don't even remotely realize they could be blocking out the really important calls. Hilarious.
  7. Goettschwan

    New Pope

    Thanks for that one Zantar. Actually there are Germans that would agree with the comparison. )
  8. Somewhere between Tours and Poitiers, France. Not so long ago north of Hamburg, Germany.
  9. I am not a modder, but i would like to express my personal point of view here. To my understanding, the GR modders are only limited by their creativity and the engine limits, but it seems that the latter are way more important. I appreciate all the work modders have done for the different games i have played and still play. It seems that they regularly do an enourmous amount of work just for the skills and fun of it. As stated before in this thread tools for starting from scratch are available as far as engines etc. are concerned. A game lives by its storys, missionplay and its graphics in that order, and you (the modders) create all these on a regular basis. Imho, it is possible to create a game like that. I think it offers the possibility to actually expand the "beloved game" because in playing it for years there are loads of opinions and ideas to make it better. GR2 seems to have changed a lot of things that were good in GR. The future will tell if this is for the good of the game. I don't see a project like the one you are talking about as a competition. You don't actually build cars in your backyard and try to compete with Ford, do you ? Just a joke. But i think it would make a lot of people proud at the finish and provide good gameplay. @Sup: I know. I don't count BMPs as armor (as in MBT), and one law is actually quite often the case, from any direction and angle. But theres no need to say it three times, you know
  10. Yes, that is why i uninstalled GR in favor of OFP. Yet OFP shows some limits in this regard, notably the AI_looking_through_walls thingy and some other stuff like that. But i have some things i don't like about the game, for example Concentrated fire in the general AI direction doesn't make them take cover, an armored unit takes three laws regardless of angle and side of armor, you cannot hide satchel charges other than tucking them under a tree, in most missions killing the patrol doesn't alert the other guys in the depot, you can easily take seat in a tank a take down AI helicopters with the main gun, tanks slide down slopes really easy, well, theres more. But i totally agree with you that some other issues are handled really well by OFP, and i consider it the best game i have ever played. And the refreshing fact that it does not belong to the 0-100% Health Bar Game with only you and the enemys on the map wins it a special place amongst the good. I'd really like to try VBS1, after seeing and reading in the subforum, but the price... But back ontopic, i'd support efforts in the homegrown game area but having no special skills other than languages i'd maybe not be of a great help )
  11. I play SP all the time with every game, and while i admit that the farcry graphics are not bad i do not consider them superb. The Game has a much too much alien feeling to it, everyting seems to hover some cm over the floor (trees, plants etc.). In nearly all games i have played i come to the conclusion that the enemy and friendly AI is not exchangable with a human counterpart. I'd rather have a very intelligent AI with commandos like "group, clean that Building" or "retreat and regroup" that really work than having a moderate AI and "cool" graphics. I always was fond of using the character switching in GR to handle situations but thinking about it told me i just do it because the AI is just too damn dumb to be trusted to open a door. AI like in farcry (using a sniper rifle outside the AI range with water between them makes them happily go right and left and right and left *bang*) are of no use to me. And i am not talking about the "iSeeThroughWallsAndShootYouAtFirstAttemptAtHalfAKlickAway" AI, because there is just no need for it. If i'd ever find a game that has this applied in a decent manner its a shure buy (but not if i have to put 170 bucks on the table). Thank you for listening.
  12. I don't think the availabilty of guns changes anything in this equation. If you blame guns, you'd have to blame kitchen knifes, gasoline, baseball bats and every metal tool under the sun. It is the readiness to use violence aided by something to inflict damage that is the problem. Computer Games don't change anything about that, not more or less than playing cowboy and indian did. (although the last teached you something about RL skills, at least) Humans don't like to be criticized while in our "modern" society everything is done to deflect criticism off the individual to make more space for happy customers with loads of braintime available for advertising.
  13. nice that they mention "... you can buy a player (without belt pouch or girl) ..." lol
  14. Graphicswise i could maybe help a bit: Dxdll works fine, if you have got a nvidia card 56.72 is the last driver to work correctly with the water reflection feature (frame rate dropping to about 2fps on my computer with later drivers) I turned of the postprocessing option though, i don't think it looks that good. Then there is the hisky pack which replaces the skies with some better looking images, you can get it at http://ofp.kege.cjb.net I also installed the Sanctuary Animation pack which makes the character animations somewhat nicer. Otherwise there are addons which look much nicer than the originals, but they need to be implemented into the respective mission. As for multiplayer, i'll leave that to the Pros present as i have never played MP.
  15. Seriously, i don't know what i am talking about, too, but there has to be -some- kind of security on tank gun ammunition to prevent it from doing its job unless it is really fired by that tanks gun (well, inside certain limits of course) . Imagine a disfunctioning HEAT "ignitor" while the round is rocked around somewhere else than a big barrel. But anyway the discussion is a little pointless since we agree that its not really feasible.
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