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  1. I'm sure we'll be on for a while. And we can always make special arrangements for you You'll get the same as everyone else though; a 9 bullet facial!
  2. So here we are. A few months after our intended ship date for the Co-op Collection Pack. I know that two or three of you out there (ok, way more than that) were a bit frustrated with the whole process. What better way to ease those frustrations than killing a few Devs? (In the game of course!) Want to sneak up behind camping fool Geridak and plant a claymore at his feet and then watch him explode? Can't wait to roll a grenade to Braybot while he writhes on the ground gutshot? Mad at Live Kimi who didn't always have news to offer you while you were waiting? Put a bullet in her head!
  3. I don't ever remember you wiping the floor with me. Ok ok, maybe on a Halo map
  4. So I’ve been reading the forums and I noticed that there’s been a little bit of discussion as to where the Co-op Collection is. Ok, a LOT of discussion. We’d like to apologize for both the general lack of communication and the fact that the Co-op collection has not been released yet. Generally I try not to comment on release date type of things because so often, as you all know, things can change at the last moment and I hate building up hopes and then having to let people down. This leads to a lack of communication, in some instances, while we scramble on our side trying to get the
  5. So we thought we’d get you guys another movie of the upcoming GRAW2: Co-op collection for the weekend. This movie takes a tour through RR Bridge, Prison, and Battlefield. For those out there who might not remember these maps or have maybe never played them (both of you) here’s a quick reminder of what you’ll find. RR Bridge This classic map has received more than just a graphical face-lift. Run down the main road for quick access to the enemy’s base, but watch out for players that have taken position on the RR Bridge to snipe from. The rocky northeast could have an opponent on the
  6. Yeah, there is a bit of work that goes into making them. For a new map, from scratch, it will generally take a month or more to design out and prototype a play space. After that it could take multiple artists 4 months or more to come up with the final version. Now if we have pre-designed layouts, like old GR maps, that poses a different type of challenge as we have to look at play balance and zone placement with the new systems and gametypes. As you guys all know, things have changed a bit from GR1; character movement speeds, camera placement, weapons, etc. So all of these changes have
  7. Hey all. I thought I’d jump on here and give you the first update on the GRAW 2: Co-op Collection. We wanted to release something to you guys as a thank you for all the support from our very active community, so check out the link below for some movies created by our team showing the GR classics Caves and Swamp Airfield (one of my favorites) and the brand new map Business Park, which is bound to become a classic. For those of you who don’t know already the pack will contain 5 brand new Co-op Missions, 9 new maps (7 GR classics and 2 brand new ones), and 9 new achievements. IGN h
  8. Excellent. I deleted my Mom from my friend list to make room for "GRAW2LeadDesign". I sure hope you appreciate it. Deleted your mom!?!?!??!?! I have an alternative solution to this issue. Maybe make Bray play your mom straight-up in GRAW 2 and the winner gets the spot. You know, just like Thunder Dome, "Two women enter...one woman leave." Sorry, Bray. I joke because I care
  9. I just posted this over in the Ubi forums so I wanted to make sure that you guys got the word as fast as possible. So we just got word that the title update has FINALLY passed through all but the final stages of the submission process. It is planned to be released in the next couple of days, maybe as soon as in the next 24 hours. It's been a long time coming, and we truly appreciate your patience. Here is a list of the fixes: TU2 Details * Fixed Voice communications issue that occurred after player had connected with 30 other players over time * Changed Ranked Roo
  10. From all of us here wishing you well...and secretly excited as there will now be more beer for the rest of us! Thanks for everything and good luck man.
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