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  1. well until somebody puts a better game on the shelf... you know, the non-linear, co-op type. i'm still scripting and playing.
  2. Ok, check it out people.. Registration has been closed for the SR2005 Tournament. We have had an amazing response in a very short period of time. And although we had previously stated that we would only have slots for 20 teams, and that we would possibly extend it to 25 teams... We have decided to lock and load with a total of 30 teams! As of this post, we currently have room for 3 reserve teams. If you would like to be placed on the reserve roster, please contact SimDooD or Gnome Here. Many thanks to everyone who has registered! Slot confirmations will begin shortly. So sit tight and get ready, it's game on!
  3. There is an issue when viewing the site thru Firefox, with the AdBlocker plugin installed. Which more specifically, is a bug in the tabObject settings in AdBlocker with Flash 8. Other than that, I'm not aware of any other issues. So if you are still having trouble, and it is not Firefox related. Please contact me on the Alpha Squad Forums Alpha Squad and I will take a look at it. Besides... we haven't even gotten to the cool stuff yet.. so let me know. Don't want anyone missing out, due to technical issues. EDIT- Glad things are working for you. As my eyes apparently were not yet this afternoon when I replied. But the above goes for anyone
  4. Are we still playing... That would be an Affirmative... Not sure about the "cheating"... Don't see any of that where we play. Of course we play co-op mostly. But there are still alot of good people out here hunting tangos. And other humans.. ( in the graphic form of course )
  5. Hey Worm, thanks buddy!! I haven't been by San's place in a while. Just what I needed. Thanks again!
  6. I've have been looking all over the place for the DummyVehicle made by Don some time ago. And haven't been able to find it If anyone knows of a working link, please let me know. Gnome
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