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  1. Can't we just smash Far Cry 2 and Ghost Recon together? Is that one feature? OPEN WORLD? Ghost recon 4 Remove: HUD Add: 4 large open maps Desert, Temperate, Tropical, and Snowy Time of day Farcry 2 in 3rd person w/cover system and prone Realistic damage with Open world Co-op and multiplayer driveable hummers / technicals tank A-10 blackhawk and apache support.
  2. Woo Hoo! If Redstorm is Developing Multiplayer coop and singleplayer, I am very happy. I fully played the RSE portions of both GRAWS. I tried single player it just didn't feel like GR to me. I have played the PC, Xbox, and 360 version of every version of the game. Infact I bought both xbox consoles in order to play GR (first xbox i bought the day they canceled PC GR2 ) My Favs are. in order of preference GR 2 and Summit strike GRAW 1 Multiplayer and Coop ( and a little coop elimination by myself for a quick fix) GRAW 2 Multiplayer and Coop ( and a little coop elimination by myself for a quick fix) GR OG and expansions (PC) Classic I know but I like 3rd person better than the floating Reticule. GRAW 1 and 2 PC (Go Grin ) Would love GR to go the direction of Farcry 2 but with 3rd person open world dynamic gameplay. Fingers Crossed. "Welcome to Tbilisi gentlemen."
  3. sounds like someone will be working all weekend to figure out what that news is! And if the news isn't "its OUT come and get it for 600 points" or "its free and its going to be out Tomorrow/Soon!" I don't know what else would be worth reporting! Can't wait to play it in any case.
  4. Now would be a good time to release these maps! I am tired of COD 4 ! me and my buds want some COOP action GRAW2 style! ..........holds breath..... ...... turns blue.... ...passes out.... What happened down there? did Serallen take the Mojo with him?
  5. Yeah I dunno! but I went to Xbox.com and looked at the marketplace.... marketplace Graw 2 page evey one after that listed the price in brackets after some other games expansion But I am probably wrong. Oh well I have 600 points right now hopefully that will cover it.
  6. Anyone know the cost of this pack? Nevermind i looked on Marketplace i i am guessing its free! Thanks Redstorm!
  7. Hmm i get the Hiccups too! I was worried I was about to loose another 360.
  8. DUDE!!! Forgot to point out the box for GR1 on the shelf. SAD FACT. GR1 isn't required. Sorry OT I know. "Welcome to Tbilisi, gentlemen." GO GRIN!
  9. yes that is the only way.... You get used to it but its no where near as fast.
  10. Drop the AW and Kill the hud. Make me question every footstep again.
  11. I think the gameplay is too fast for a cover system. I honestly think if you are stuck to a wall your going to get flanked.
  12. I have SC:DA but i will have to rent RB6:vegas.... (thats cheating!)
  13. http://www.onesixthwarriors.com/forum/showthread.php?t=63228 I have a few 1/6th figures but i would love one of these.
  14. I got close last night with about 12 in the room. same deal but we all cleared the first 3 camps then split up for the last objectives. Not sure what we had to do in the last warehouse? is it just clear the place? Also I love bringing back teammates from the bleedout state it adds so much to the game.
  15. Both versions but it depends on what you are playing. if you play coop you get the big outpost if you play adversarial you get the smaller outpost thats my guess
  16. still can't seem to view the embassy vid.... is it fixed for others? Nevermind I had to restart firefox duh Embassy has never looked so good.
  17. on the official forums there is a ad with the GRAW skull that says xbox 360 MP demo soon.
  18. can anyone tell me what was included in the first graw MP demo ? or was there one? just trying to figure out what to expect from a MP demo.
  19. I just wanted to start this thread to gather info about the character customization in GRAW 2 multiplayer. This is the info i have heard or have gathered from screens. Race - we get to select our race this time around... which may mean more faces or various camo on different faces. Head wear - looks like the same as before but with more choices. one has a full face mask Load bearing Gear - I assume the Load bearing Gear will be based on the class . marksman, Rifleman, Automatic rifleman, and Grenadier. they appear to be using the crye precision designed Armour Chassis I always liked the kit used in the last GRAW multiplayer better but i guess this is the future Camo - so far i have picked up on 2 new camos ACU and Aus Cam It looks like we can choose the default wepon in the character customization screen screen now anyone else have any info?
  20. Silenced or supressed, what ever you want to call it, i believe its modeled from a real weapon.
  21. just incase this horese isn't dead. Adversarial maps list aftermath Backalley Crash site Embacy Fort hydrodam Lagoon Monument hill Toggled lighting version aftermath (either night or sunset have seen both versions being played) Backalley sunset Crash site Midday Embacy afternoon Fort Night hydrodam sunrise Lagoon evening Monument hill overcast That leaves 6 completely uniqe co-op maps that i don't think we have seen and the 4 maps that are cut down versions of those maps. i am willing to bet the cut down versions are re lit versions as well. March can't come quick enough and to quote ICK "....that is UN-FREAKIN-BELIEVABLE."
  22. Thanks Serellan. the Co-op and Multiplayer Looks amazing. Infact that is what i played the most of in GRAW 1 and i imagine that will be most of what i play with GRAW 2.
  23. http://media.games.ign.com/articles/693/693580/vids_1.html its a big download like I said its just a toggle for an alternate version. so night or day or sunset or could be a weather change too. like thicker fog of war or something. but its only like old town and old town morning. where the time of day effects the fog level .... so not weather so much as atmosphere
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