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  1. This is more along the lines of what I wanted from GRAW, except without the futuristic slant of weapons, diamonds, terminator soldiers, etc. Looks very good.
  2. Its funny how people flock to things that special operations folks use, whether they like them or find them useful or not. If Navy Seals wore pink and purple under hockey helmets, people would snap them up left and right, just because.
  3. Not to sound like a complete killjoy in this thread, but every weapon taken to the range these days needs optics, range-finders, mag pouches, broom-stick foregrips and every other conceivable addon that are now the norm. One CAN have fun just shooting an AR in classic configuration. It is good to both, IMO. Great pics bro!
  4. EVERYTHING I have read about the 6.5mm Grendel supersedes the 6.8-has anyone here shot this?
  5. No skill involved here; still looks like fun, however. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBjUDCyDCuI...ted&search=
  6. MAGAZINES, gentlemen, they are MAGAZINES.
  7. Lead Salad


    I'll have no problem upgrading for THIS Game. I was very disappointed after playing GRAW, which I was going to upgrade for but the demo was mediocre at best-this game on the other hand, just by the gameplay, videos alone is enough for me. It's been two years since I last touched my computer in upgrades, so it's time, and this game has my instant attention. Can't wait for Brothers In Arms 3, either.
  8. Pre-loading right now. Will take some time..heheh. Can't wait to try to pop someone from intermediate range with bullet drop and physics that approach real life a bit more.
  9. I am really looking forward to this: unbelievably, I came into some extra money last weekend, and purchased Half-Life 2, GOTY Edition. I purchased it out of curiosity, because the reviews were great. I had some other games I was working on at the time when it came out and never thought it about it, so anyway it was on sale and I got, am enjoying it. NOW, Red Orchestra, which I knew little about, is about to be give out as a free dowload. The Steam Service has been great. I'm pumped, sorry for the rant. Nothing but serious reviews for this, and it looks like a great tactical shooter, albeit still in the time frame that is becoming nearly intolerable. Some day hopefully we can have a great-looking, great playing, serious shooter like this set in modern times. Recent attempts at such games haven't impressed me at all.
  10. Excellent. I understand why people might want an actual killcam, to catchhackers or debunk hack accusations, but the drawback is worse. Can people not see the problem with a killcam? You have a good position. Someone gets to see their death through your eyes. Now, they know where you are. Good hack catcher or not, I don't want something like that giving away my position. That would suck. I disagree. Camping around in one spot, even if it is a great one, becomes boring quickly fro me. I like to move around continuously-and seeing how I get owned by someone is just as enjoyable as doing the killing as far as I'm concerned-but that's just me bro.
  11. I can't be anything but pumped for this game, because i love the gameplay, love controlling at least a few squads, watching them follow orders, and then joining in on the action. There are moments of great teamwork involved, from time to time when you get it right. It isn't the greatest game in the world, but I love what you can do in this series-and shooting and killing people in the game is so satisfying to me...
  12. The game needs a lot more weapons, the few it has is one of the biggest turnoffs....more of everything-sniper rifles, belt-fed MG's, SMG's, you name it. If the game is going to be modded, then generally the orginal intent of time and the story are completely discarded to me; therefore weapons that soldiers use now should emerge. And for god's sake, different reports from weapons-that is key.
  13. Anything with maps in open, hilly terrain. I think GRAW has done a really good job with Mexico City, however I must admit I just don't like it as much. I don't mind CQB either; I just really want the expansive outdoors with hills, forests, streams and snow. I don't give a damn where the setting is, so long as it has those. With this engine, some of the stuff from Summit Strike on the Xbox would look stunning, IMO. If that would happen, I'd be in love with Ghost Recon again.
  14. wrong you know i can admit when i'm wrong but it would be nice to know why i'm wrong. tracer rounds in the daytime are almost useless and putting them in a m16/m4 in most every case is as useless except to maybe point out a target like was previously mentioned. if there are other uses i would love to know. I know for fact that Air Focre CCT's use them; and they are quite visible during the day. You can find examples of this in several military books....ask Hatcheforce as well
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