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  1. What I meant was that it is much more realistic than other games and it's still fun. The problem is that if you make a game too realistic it's not fun (at least for me) anymore. I already tried ArmA and that's way too much realism for me.
  2. Well, I think this topic is very related to the MP Demo because it's about whether the Demo is realistic or not. And I think it's realistic I especially like these small details e.g. you can't hold your weapon through a wall and that you can see your feet unlike other popular games.
  3. Lol, I remember the MP5 in GR1. It was one of the worst weapons you could use. Well I don't like scrambling anyway..
  4. I think this should clear up your doubts. (I hope I'm allowed to post this because it's a very good example to show how body armor does work in real combat situations) Also, it depends very much on where you get hit. As long as no vital organ is hit you will not die immediately, you would rather bleed to death if your wound is not treated right by a medic (or yourself). That's all I know about this topic.
  5. You can change the color, but I don't know about other features. Yeah, but I would like these other features such as changing it's style. Next to your stance indicator is a number. That's it. Mhh..didn't notice that one
  6. What I would also like in the full version: - modifiable crosshair - that you can see how many teammates / enemies are still alive without pressing TAB (as sniper you often do not notice that you're the last man of your team) - option to record and play a demo - option to hide the red blob that appears when you hit an enemy (maybe more gore instead) See you on the battlefield! DarkG
  7. My impression is that this is really an awesome game. I like the gameplay and the graphics and it's fun to play it. But I would like the ability to filter (e.g. hide locked and full servers) and sort the servers (e.g. by ping).
  8. i think this is a secret message for us. mb we should find a monkey in the demo.
  9. Why was the last link removed? prolly cos i posted it before the "official release" cos ubisoft made a mistake..
  10. ok, i'm feeling like a hillbilly right now..
  11. german server: http://www.egames.de/index.php?ren=downloa...=7391&from=
  12. It's out now! I'm currently downloading!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol i already got 30% of the file
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