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  1. Hi Folks, Is there a limit to the number of coop maps I can have in my custom levels folder? I've downloaded a bunch of coop maps, installed them to my coop folder, but when I create an online [GR] Server, only just a few of the maps show up. Is there anything that I'm doing wrong? If not, is there a fix? Many thanks.
  2. I'm getting the same crash/error. 3800 dual core, 1 GB Ram, 6800 GS running 84.21 drivers, SB Audigy with latest drivers. This is really frustrating.
  3. A few of my gang really like to play last man with the Stalkyard and Stalkyard II map. However, we would love to modify it slightly by removing some of the boxes - particular the ones with doors. Too many of our gang camp out there and are impossible to kill. Is there any way that we can edit this map to remove the boxes. Many thanks.... Herd
  4. Hey Folks, Can anyone tell me how I can change multi-player coop missions that do not allow player respawn into missions that allow player respawn? We've run across a few missions (HX5) that do not allow respawn...sure would like to change them for us old folks. The guys I play with are old and feeble and need as many lives as possible.... Thanks! Herd
  5. Thanks... I think I'll give the 41.09's a try.
  6. Hey Folks, What version(s) of the Nvidia Det Drivers have you folks with GeForce 4 cards found to the best with GR? I'm running version 40.72 and think that there are probably others that are better matched for GR play. Thanks. Herd
  7. Thanks WhiteKnight77....it worked.
  8. Hey Gang, How do I permanently delete unused IP's in the multiplayer screen. I highlight them, hit delete, but they reappear. Thanks... Herd
  9. Hey Zeb, Yep...we have the following loaded. DS IT and either FL-AVA or HX4. We usually crash no matter what mod loaded. The guy who we think crashes us usually gets down to about 5-7 FPS and the we CTD. Herd
  10. Hey Folks, I usually host and play coop missions with 3 others. We sometimes "crash" to the desktop when all are playing. 3 of us have high speed internet connections and 1.8GHZ machines and above. Our other playing partner has a slower internet connect speed and is running a PIII, 600MHZ machine. My question....... is the guy with the slower computer and internet connection responsible for the eventual crash to desktop? We seem to play ok with just the 3 of us who have faster machines. Thanks! Herd
  11. Hi Folks, What kind of FPS increase could one expect in going from a Geforce 2 (64mg) to a Geforce Ti4400 (128mg)? With the Geforce 2 card FPS has been around 17-22 . Processor is P4 1.8Ghz. I'm asking for a friend of mine. Thanks! Herd
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