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  1. Chicken= 23,600,000 People= 639,000,000 Dingleberry= 19,300 HAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA sorry
  2. hey seeing what the best movie of all time is what's your favorite? me personally i love the lord of the rings and we were soldiers tell me what you think
  3. Hey I dont have an Xbox but i did play it yesterday at a friends house and it was awwwwwsome i loved it. it was very similar to the first one but i mean who really cares because the first one was unbeliveable good anyway. i loved all of the little new things and improvments you just have to be plain crazy not to love this game. i loved it sooooo much that i am going out tonight and buying an Xbox and Halo2 and chances are you will probably never hear from me agian.
  4. hey man thanks a ton for your help, I finally figured out what I am doing(I think) but i appreciate the help I tryed attaching the stupid thing to an email but it didnt work; i hate computers anyway thanks again talk to you later
  5. Sorry that didnt work i cant figure out how to get this stupid attachment thing to work
  6. Sorry but i think i need one more thing, we understand what all we need now but we just need to know exactly how the buttons work, i have attached a picture of the project and we need to know how to get those three buttons within the box(Enter, Cancel and Add new address) to function properly. Thanks
  7. hey sorry it took me so long to reply but i need to make a simple(not complex) address book. It needs to be able to show the addresses and be able to input new addresses. I have most of it and all most all of the buttons and on screen stuff is set up i now just need to figure out how to make the buttons perform the functions that i want them to perform. I currently have a box with a scroll bar in left hand corner and a button underneath it that says add new address. on the right there is the input boxes to add all of the information such as name and all that other fun stuff. then right below it there are two buttons enter and cancel. i think all i really need now is help getting those buttons to work and fixing all the others little problems. this is confusing Thanks for replying
  8. Hey, Just wondering if anyone out there would happen to know how to do java. i am trying to create an address book and would really be happy if someone out there could give me some help Thanks
  9. Hey whats up, i am new here and was just wondering if anyone could give me some information about VBS1. i am looking into buying it and need to know if it is really worth it. if it is what upgrades/addons are best. i am a little short on cash and want to get the best for my money. it would really help if i had a little more infomation Thanks
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